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where to live in colorado

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Hi guys,

I am moving to colorado from california and want to know your thoughts on where to live. I have been leaning toward telluride or steamboat, because i want to stay away from the I 70 resorts due to crowds. I have never been to steamboat but have heard about the tree skiing and the ammount of snow fall. I have also heard that it is somewhat flat. Is there hike to terrain that can be had that is not so flat. I have read some advice on other threads that say to choose on the town and mountain rather than snow quality, since you live there you will get the snow. so taking that into consideration do you think telluride is a better choice?
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Man, I would love to live in Tride. Probably would prefer it to Steamboat for the vibe and the mountain. Then again, SB is a more complete city.

The point I want to make though is if you're going to live there will you be able to ski weekdays at all? If so, don't sweat the crowds at the I-70 resorts. Also, if you're going to live there you'll get to know the mountains and thus how to avoid the crowds while getting the goods that you seem to be after. So.... don't sweat the crowds.
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yeah i will most likely be skiing only mid week, since i will be working a hotel or resort job which requires weekend work. But i would love to live in either of those places. just wanted insight on the two mountains.
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Summit county blows.

Crested Butte

Silverton would be cool, but awfully quiet.
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I'd nix Crested Butte. A cool town, but sketchy snow. Some years are terrible.

Summit is fine - but a log-jam.

Eagle (Vail and Beaver Creek), is nice. Decent lodging can be found in Avon and Edwards. But, they're not authentic old towns like Breckenridge, Aspen, Telluride and Steamboat.

Aspen - I've heard it's insanely expensive for staff to life there.

Steamboat is an awesome town (the real town - not the resort). I lived there once. The snow is amazing - deep and light. But, it doesn't have the huge, killer terrain of Jackson Hole or Whistler.

Can't speak to Telluride and Aspen.

I'd do Steamboat again in a heartbeat.
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telluride looks like a bad ass town, and the terrain looks like its a little more steep, But I have heard the snow can be sketchy similar to crested butte.
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Telluride and Crested Butte are my two favorite ski towns in the US. I liked Crested Butte's terrain better, Telluride has better scenery (and, to be fair, has expanded since I was there). Neither seems to be a real snow magnet, but does that really matter so much if you're there for a full season? I thought the only town in Colorado with a vibe close to those two was Breck, though I didn't like it nearly as much. I was in Steamboat years and years and years ago, don't remember thinking much of the town, but WTF do I know.
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Telluride SUCKS!!!
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I guess my concern is if you were living in steamboat would the lack of huge terrain get boring year after year?
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I would think SB would get a little old after a few weeks. But it depends on what you like to ski. If you like soft fluffy snow in the trees, shoot for Steamboat. It would be a great place to live.
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Crested Butte has a great vibe. I had a season pass there a few years ago just to visit a couple times. OK I got it free ;-) I would love to live there. If you will be year round the summer scene is cool too. Great MBing and fly fishing. Even living in Gunnison which is way cheaper gets you local status.
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What resort towns in CO have somewhat good nightlife? Prickly is Telluride sort of on its own out there or is a pretty chill place to live for the winter?
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I definately love to ride trees, and dont like bumps at all. what I hear is t-ride and butte's steeps get bumped out real quick, especially with infrequent dumps
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Originally Posted by DropCliffsNotBombs View Post
Telluride SUCKS!!!
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Originally Posted by zcaltag View Post
I definately love to ride trees, and dont like bumps at all. what I hear is t-ride and butte's steeps get bumped out real quick, especially with infrequent dumps
CB does alot more grooming than they used to...not sure if that is good or not good. Most locals would say not. Plenty of tree shots though when things are bumped up.
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Commerce City! It is a garden spot.
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A few friends that live in colorado say there are steeps to be had in sb, you just have to look off the beaten path a bit. I have ridden resort here in ca that are said to be pretty flat but it seems that I can always find steep terrain to ride, mostly with a small hike.
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Everything gets bumped out, steeps included. If you're moving to Colorado, get used to it...
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It takes a real long spell of no snow for Highland Bowl to bump out.
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I lived in Meeker back in the day (no resorts). If I could move back I'd be living in Steamboat or Brek.
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telluride is a real cool town. expensive to live there though. season passes are crazy $ when compared to Vail Resorts. Snow can be great or poor depending on the year. Great last year!! Not so great the year before. Hoping for another great year... never any lines either.
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Originally Posted by drewski180 View Post
... never any lines either.
Yeah, until someone posts this!^^^^^
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Anywhere West of Denver.
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I lived in Steamboat for two years before moving to Fort Collins to attend CSU. My friends and I didn't get tired of the mountain in the two years I was there. In fact, the more I skied it the more I fell in love with it. Yes there are some steeps to hike too, but what Steamboat lacks in steeps, it makes up in snow quality, trees, service, and I don't remember ever saying to myself, "Look at that lift line, it sure is long".

With any move, you should always consider the "cost of living". I think Steamboat has the edge on Telluride in that department.

Win, win situation as I made the move from CA to CO back in '88.

You'll have a blast whatever you choose.
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has anybody been over to kebler pass and or the gothic area by crested butte to ski backcountry.
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Yes, there is some good skiing there, bring a sled.
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While Telluride only gets ~10% more snow than Crested Butte, the latter's topography is MUCH more in need of deep cover. Most of Telluride is skiable on 3-4 feet of base. Bad years at CB half or more of the Extreme Limits may not even open.

Another point for Telluride is the hike-to terrain that's been opening up the last couple of seasons. Tough to get to at 12,000 feet plus for vacationing flatlanders. But for an acclimatized local that might be a big attraction, like Highlands Bowl at Aspen.

If you want trees, go to Steamboat.
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