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Was any decision made on 2002 Bear gathering?

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Did a decision ever get made on the location and dates for the Bear gathering in 2002?

If it is Fernie, and it is sometime in Feb/March then we will choose our dates accordingly. We are going to apply for leave and book our airfares soon. It is very early but we are using air points to get a free ticket so you have to get in early to get the dates we want.

There appear to be a few bears around Calgary so our alternative is to gatecrash a local bears gathering, or catch up with any who happen to be in the same resort as us - and are willing to show us around. Local knowledge of the mountain can make such as difference, your resorts are so big compared to ours down under.
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Don't think anything was decided other than won't be Fernie for any type of main meeting.
But set your dates at Fernie and I'm sure calgary Bears will get there along with any others. Just remind everyone again when it gets closer ~ Nov. time frame.

Doug<FONT size="1">

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Dougw and others,

The committee of three has asked for and recieved information on many places to have the next meeting. What I can't understand is why people believe that Fernie is not in the running. Fernie is infact the front runner base on response to my e-mail that those actively supporting that choice with information and planning. A decision will be posted by mid to late summer.



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Oh, must of been just of been my impression of the tone of the discussion.
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Our pick of dates for Fernie is weekend of March 2/3 2002. But we could make it the weekend either side.
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From the pics that endlesseason showed of Fernie, that looks awesome. My impression; great terrain, lots of wide trails, not so commercial. Is this correct?

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We really enjoyed Fernie on our last trip so are going back. We did not get to see everything, is a really wide ski field with a series of bowls. Was not very commericalised on our last visit but they have been sending mega bucks on development, so could be quite different next year.

Have a look at http://www.skifernie.com/virtualtour/indexqtvr.asp
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######### Are any of you aware of an alternate meaning for "bear?"

The above site was retrieved by a google.com search for "bear gathering." Hope none of you get your signals crossed, or you might end up at a gathering that isn't exactly what you had in mind. #########

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2kiwis. Thanks! I can't figure out what it is, but I seem to be drawn to it.

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Booked our tickets yesterday to fly into Calgary Feb 15, home 10 March. Had to get in early to get a freebie airpoints ticket, have managed to get enough points to get one of us from home to Calgary and back for nothing (except for departure taxes). Now all we need to do is save some money so we can afford to eat and sleep while we are there.....

We have been getting snow down under in NZ over the last week, even had some at home on the coast, only lasted a few hours but its getting us in the mood. The local skifields got about 25cm, and there is more to come over the next couple of days. Cool!
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twoKiwis - Sounds like you'll have time to hit all the high places in the whole area - I'm jealous!

Keep us informed about your plans...
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Twokiwis- What you need to get a hold of is an Alberta Alpine coupon book for $5. This year's had a two for one for Castle so right there your in the black $35. Also has a lot of discounts for rooms in Jasper( Banff too but doesn't seem you'd need those). Plus some two for one tune ups in Calgary.

One suggestion if your trying to do the trip a frugally as possible ( my area of expertise) and not planning to make reservations in advance would be to stay in Cranbrook for skiing Fernie on the southern portion of your trip. Its about a hours drive from Fernie and 30 minutes from Kimberly. Note that a multi day pass from either mountain is transferable but a Kimberly multi is cheaper. All this depends on the mileage of vehicle but should be able to get dirt cheap rate in cranbrook for motel room. Kimberly is a nice hill and has one of the best mogul runs in the country.
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wasn't there a link by ryan to info on Fernie here last night?
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I moved it to RESORTS/SKI TRAVEL. Look for "more info on FERNIE".
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Thanks for the tips. Dougw, will definitely look into the coupon books. I'll be getting in touch closer to the time, looking for volunteer ski guides prepared to show us around. We might get to return the favour when you come down under.

It seems such a long way off, but at least I'll be skiing in a couple of weeks. Our favourite mountain opens on June 23. Some resorts have opened with the best conditions in years, fingers crossed it stays that way.
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