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canting the binding?

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lou's comment on canting the binding in the lange thread was intriguing. somehow it makes sense, but i dont know anything about it. sounds a lot easier than messing with the sole, and it would be reversible. could some experts comment? (im knockneed)
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Pros & Cons

Pros: you are correct, it is reversible (but why would you want to?)

Cons: You now have a right and left ski and only the skis with the cant strips will work correctly for you. You can not switch skis right to left or step into a demo ski or any other ski without canting the bindings. If you only have one pair of skis this is not so bad but if you have a quiver of skis it is much easier to cant the boots.

Granted some boots, including some Langes, are difficult to plane and plate because of the screw on sole system they employ and canting the skis may be your best option.
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bud, could you explain how you do it?

i like reversibility to experiment with new things.

there always seems to be a fair amount of disagreement here among very reputable experts. i would like to try canting without sacrificing a pair of $800 boots
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One other Con with binding canting: Ski tuning machines that use an insert in the binding and a bridge will tune your skis back to 'flat' unless the tech is aware of the cant strips.
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These guys are right. The advantage is purely if you can't find anyone to do the boots. It takes no special expertise to apply cants to skis, whereas most shops don't do boots.

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duke, somewhere else here abouts Jdistefa offered a great suggestion of using Hotel key cards as shims to place between your binding and ski. This is a cheap easy substitute for cant strips and great for experimenting with how much you need. Each layer is about 1/2 degree or so and you can stack them to achieve the desired angle. Just be careful to insure you have ample screw penetration. You may need longer screws if you use more than two or three layers!!
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ok, i see tognar has strips in 1/2 degree increments for 12.95ea

and longer screws.
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