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America's Funniest Home Video ~Ski Story Candidates!

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

When Craig followed you down Gorge, thinking he could look as smooth as you............ I soooooooo wish I'd had a camera!
I think he needs a new helmet.
Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post
Oh yeah, I forgot about that one.... but heck, Craig had tons of options. Tom pretty much had to follow.

You're right though, I think that would have at least made the finals on AFHV
Craig, well, he has no fear factor
And here is the story:
Craig is a friend of ours who seems to get an extra dose of stupid when he skis with my husband, Terry.
I'm embarrassed to say that Ski patrol has had at least 4 chats with us when those two "get stupid". Some of you may recall the incident when Terry crashed and got a concussion? Craig was the friend who was skiing with Terry at the time.

But, I digress........on with my AFHV Entry.
Craig skis bumps fairly well, but doesn't have smooth technique. You can imagine that he hit it off well with our friend Bumpfreaq on one of his visits. Craig, struck up a conversation with BF about technique, and decided that he was going to "follow BF" no matter what and match him, move for move.
BF, you can fill this in, but IIRC he tried on a few runs but never really matched you.

Well, BF's getting to a point when he needs to think about packing in and heading home. Craig wants one more chance.
BF takes Gorge, which is a short, steep, ice mound run that is what constitutes moguls here in northern Michigan.(maybe 8 turns)
BF looks smooth and beautiful.......Craig, not so much
Craig makes his first turn, spins around, backwards, (can't remember if he has one ski on or two at this point).
He slides down the entire hill on his back, going over TOP of the bumps, with his head bouncing da dunk da dunk da dunk, all the way to the bottom.
There were at least 5 of us (his friends, mind you) at the top of Gorge, looking down, laughing our butts off. BF at the bottom with a completely different vantage point, would love to hear his version of this.
It took Craig long enough to collect himself that people were getting off the chair, to come and see what we were laughing at. One guy said, "I heard the laughter from about 2/3 way up the chair. I was hoping to find out what it was all about. Oooh, is that guy okay?"
I think I was laughing to hard to reply.

I have no idea if Craig has regrets, but my only regret is that I didn't have my camera handy.
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Funny story. It really begs for a video!!!!

Craig is a friend of ours who seems to get an extra dose of stupid when he skis with my husband, Terry.
This sentence matches pretty much what my skiing mate's mother (and his sisters) used to think of the two of us going out and skiing.
Alberto was always coming home with some sort of minor injury or damaged equipment ski...
Luckily (for me), he suffered his worst ski injury (a broken shoulder) not skiing with me...he fell while standing still on a not so steep run. Oh, he was skiing with his wife
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Close to a ski story, it was at my Dad's cabin at Alpine Meadows. We were sledding, I was around 8 or 9, and we decided to build a jump! So we found this big ice block and put it at the bottom of the hill and then put a bunch of soft snow around it. I went for the first ride, the front of the sled hit the ice block and I did a perfect superman over the front, fully airborn. My Dad got it on video, and we were gonna send it into AFV, but never got around to it.
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First ski trip I ever went on...2nd time I'd ever even been on skis. Freshman year of college with a bunch of newbs (except for one guy who'd skied a couple of times before) never been able to afford skiing before. We were totally doing a trip on the cheep in a friend's ancient Suburban and staying in unheated cabins in youth camps at 20 below. We somehow hit upon playing follow the leader and we'd snake 6 guys down the hill almost nose to tail. Even though we hadn't a clue what we were doing, this seemed to impress people on the hill and we'd hear "ooo...they're good" from people on the lifts. This of course encouraged us to do it more.

The slightly experienced guy took the lead at one point and tried to show off. He somehow got tipped up onto both his outside edges (both ankles out) while going straight ahead. He ended up bending over at the waist to try to maintain his balance with his hands basically on the ground while still moving forward. He couldn't turn and ended up going off the side of the run into the trees in slow motion, ass in the air, with all of us watching. That of course started us laughing...but the best part was that the branches of the trees kind of pinned him in place in that position. He had to struggle mightily to extricate himself from his face-down/ass-up position in the woods. By the time he managed to unclip and crawl out of the woods, his position as defacto leader/best skier in the group had evaporated in the face of our uncontrollable howls of laughter and tears.

Woulda loved to have that on video...
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
would love to hear his version of this.
Yeah, that was a fun fun day and I just gotta say thanks to EpicSki in general and TC specifically for relighting my fire for Michigan skiing. It's a day I never would have had in years past.

So Craig is a real cool guy as far as I can tell. He's enthusiastic, athletic and a pretty decent skier even though it looks like he's trying to put his basket a foot under the hard pack with each pole plant. The day was sunny with moderate temps. The run, Gorge, is right at the top of one of the main lifts and can be seen from a large portion of the resort. It has a sustained, pretty steep pitch. The kind of run that everyone wants to measure themselves on. I'd say that somewhere around 90% of the peeps that drop over the lip end up side slipping at least the top half of it, making it quite the skating rink. I had skied it fairly early in the morning and man was it solid, but the sun had been beating on it the whole day so I was surprised to find it as....uh... firm as it was.

As TC said I was about ready to hit the road but was cajoled into one last run. We all gathered at the top of Gorge and I dropped in first. I took a pretty direct line and just sucked up the few 'bumps' that I encountered. I came to a stop just in time to see Craig drop in. His first turn was solid but man his tails washed out in a big way just as he came perpendicular to the fall line. Fall line, yeah Craig defined it on that run. Once he was backward he fell like an oak and was immediately on his back sliding head first down the zipper line. I had told him to hit the bumps at 10 and 2 and he was nailing every last one of them. It looked scary to me but the laughter told a different story. Craig wasn't laughing but all his friends were. Loudly. I took this as reassurance that everything would turn out ok and it did. I'm sure Craig's ego has healed completely. I can't wait to ski with him again.
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I sprayed the screen when TC said his head was going da dunk da dunk da dunk...

So, what would be the witty Tom Bergeron commentary fot this video?
"So that's why they call it the fall line"..
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I was skiing with two friends at Solitude. We got to a steep slope and I told one friend to take the easy way down because this was too steep for him. If you guys can ski it I can too.I decided to stay with him as we started down, my other friend skied down. After criss crossing the slope twice in ten minutes. I told him to take his skis off and walk down, I then skied down to the other skier. As I got to the bottom I asked who's he doing, the answer (not so good). He was doing the Colorado Starfish, with a Yard Sale thrown in. He came to a stop near the bottom by some trees. I said lets see how he is. The fellow beside me said I'm not going over there until he moves. He was finally ok after finding all his equipment but after that fall he listened to what we had to say.
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
I sprayed the screen when TC said his head was going da dunk da dunk da dunk...

So, what would be the witty Tom Bergeron commentary fot this video?
"So that's why they call it the fall line"..
That looks like a new sig line.

Ray, glad your friend's okay. That sounds fierce.
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I've told this story many times. I was skiing some trees at Snow Summit, CA and there was not a ton of cover. I was leading a friend, an intermediate skier, and he was doing just fine...until he yells to me, "Hey check out this jump!" I look back up the hill. NOOO!!!" But it's too late. He's about to hit a fallen tree covered with snow. I can tell he's not going over, not enough cover, and I picture him bashing his face on hard wood, or breaking both his legs as he slams his shins into the tree/"jump". All this in a split second of course. Then he hits. His skis stop dead in their tracks. Both bindings release at the heels and he does a perfect sommersault and lands on his ass on the other side of the tree. "What happened?" I swear to God that's what he said. I literally fell over laughing.
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Crank, you could NOT stage something that perfect!
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I've told this one before, and I wish I had video. It would be an AFV winner, I'm sure.

So, I was skiing in some trees at Jackson Hole. I was moving "too fast for conditions," as the Highway Patrol sez, and suddenly, all options for downhill progress disappeared - except one. Still moving too fast, I took it.

It was a nice straight slot about 4 feet wide, and kind of steep. It went straight down, with no opportunities to turn or control speed. Not good.

It turned out that the slot was going down the embankment above a cat track cut into the hillside. The cat track, of course, was dead flat.

I hit the cat track at high speed. Somehow, instead of collapsing into an accordian like Wile E. Coyote, I double ejected and launched. My skis remained behind, but no part of my body touched the cat track as I gracefully cleared the entire thing like Superman and slid face-first down the steep embankment on the downhill side.

The downhill bank was steep enough so that I felt virtually no impact, but I had to spit a wad of snow the size of a ping-pong ball out of my mouth so that I could simultaneously attempt to breath and laugh.

Horrified observers couldn't believe I was unhurt. Not only was I OK (not so much as a bruise), but I had left my skis on the cat track right-side-up, next to each other with the heels open, ready to step into.

Where is Warren Miller when you need him???
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This one may make the grade, but the video footage could be improved.
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Wow, that dude was really gnarin' the shed.

But really..... that would have to be one lame AFHV episode.
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I dont have footage but I was skiing with some epic bears if I remember correctly. Tromano maybe? my friend kristy? but here is mine.

skiing a super hardpack day in april at snowbird when we get to the top of emma. I tell everyone "Dont fall here or youll slide all the ways to the bottom". I was 100 percent right. I turn right. watch my outside skis fly off in a rut. then go sliding all the ways down while I am trying to dig my poles in. I slid roughy 300 yards at extremely high speed untill my pole finally went into the snow eh ice. I was laughing hysterically as everyone picked up all my stuff.
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Bumpfreaq, it was a pleasure, almost getting plowed over by you, but really, you can't beat the image of Craig I have in my head from the Gorge run at crystal last year.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
I'm the best skier here.... FACT!.
Fixed it for you
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
Bumpfreaq, it was a pleasure, almost getting plowed over by you.
Ha If this were in the lounge I'd have a nice retort for that one

Oh, and I think it must be said: Damn Marker bindings!
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Bump for summer time story telling. 

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