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I finally got fed up with contact lenses and decided I wanted laser treatment in Jan this year, but was worried because I had a 2 week ski trip booked to Utah within 5 weeks and thought it wouldn't have healed up properly by then. Anyway the doc said it should be ok so I took the gamble and looked forward to skiing without contacts falling out or glasses steaming up. I went for IntraLasik with Wavefront with Optimax (I'm in the UK), which is where the flap is cut with the laser rather than a blade and the wavefront smooths the eye surface out creating a better final vision. Was actually not nervous that day and was quite looking forward to experiencing the surgery in a curious way. All over in about 15 minutes although a bit worrying when the laser cut blinded me during the procedure and they lifted the flap up for the burning bit. Mmmmm smells lovely, NOT That night was a bit painful and teary but could start to see clearer every hour. Next day was pretty good and actually drove myself to the docs for the checkup and they confirmed I had near 20/20 vision already. Took the med drops for a week or so and went back a week and then a month later and was officially discharged a week before the ski trip with a better than 20/20 vision and no problems at all. Had a great ski trip based in SLC and skied all the resorts in the area, and my eyes were amazing and so much less hassle than i'm used to with contacts drying or freezing etc. No problems at all and I kept having to pinch myself that I could actually see. The initial feeling is of amazement and although now I've got used to it and take it for granted I still think it's amazing how a simple procedure like that can make a massive different to ones life. Anyway, I would say to anyone contemplating having done to do a bit of research and find a good surgeon with good stats and get it done. The success rate now is so high now around 99.8% that it's worth the risk IMO.
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Not a great experience

I had lasik done 4 years ago and my eyes have been dry ever since. My vision is frequently not real good, but I think it is due to my eyes always being dry. Very uncomfortable in the winter months especially. If I could go back, I wouldn't do it again.
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Interesting stuff. Thanks to all who fedback so far. I too have issues with dry eyes actually I think it runs in the family, ironically also tearing - weird. But I still wear glasses, partly because I can't get a contact that doesn't dry out my eyes.
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nice to hear the good and the bad.

I'm still in the position where I don't yet hate contacts or glasses... so I'll continue waiting... but please do continue to post your stories.
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I had LASIK two summers ago and have been loving it ever since. My contacts had been causing eye infections eventually resulted in a dropping eyelid. After wearing glasses for a while I dropped some $ on LASIK and boy was it worth it. My eyesight has been improving even months after the surgery. Also my eyelid has returned to a more normal appearance. Also if you have the option get Custom LASIK as the risks are less and results typically better. Good luck and don't wait until your contacts start damaging your eyes.
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I did it 4 years ago, and had the Intralasik with wavefront done in Orem, UT. I can't tell you how many times I crashed into stuff with fogged goggles while skiing (actually, fogged glasses inside the goggles). I had really bad astigmatism, and the left eye was way over 20/400; the cornea looked more like a football than an orb. You could burn ants in the parking lot with my glasses. I had pretty bad dry eye syndrome after the surgery, and had to get a touchup done on the left eye. I've got 20/20 in the righty and about 20/40 in the lefty, and have to use a dry eye drug Restasis. I think it hastened having to use cheaters, since I'm in my late 40's.

Would I do it again - you bet! So much better on the slopes and at the beach. My wife got glasses the same time I lost mine, and now she's the one dealing with foggy glasses and having to find OTG goggles. Even on really crappy ski days, I can see as good as anyone else on the hill. Plus now I can wear the really cool sunglasses. So I put up with the dry eyes and am a expert on various brands of eye drops. I'm thinking of buying it for my kids when they graduate from college - poor little guys inherited my eyesight.
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