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Heated Glove advice?

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My wife and daughter suffer from circulation problems that cause cold hands and feet. They love to ski but cold weather limits their days on the slopes.
Heater and battery technology are improving. Is there a heated ladies glove that works without being too heavy?
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I haven't used them, but I think that some gloves have a zipper slot to put in warmers (that I have seen sold in packs of 6 to 12).
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They've used these but want something electric with a battery pack.
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Reusch makes heated gloves implementing some new technology. They are not cheap but they look good.
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Originally Posted by steveturner View Post
They've used these but want something electric with a battery pack.
Where are they putting the hand warmers? They should put the hand warmers on the back of there hands and not in their palms. This usually keeps even the coldest hands warm.
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Outdoor research (from seattle in the states) has just released an heated glove option this year. the glove itself looks pretty sweet, and I'm guessing it would be toast for poor circulationers (like myself) down to about -5celsius. With the heat thingys working, i'm guessing a lot better. Expensive though. Cheaper would be good gloves and chemical hand warmers as required.
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the model is the primovolta. and considering that they are twice the price of the black diamond guide glove (which is a decent standard), they had better be dammn primo. anyone seen a pair in real life? the hype is that they are good for 6 hours.
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I tried the PrimoVolta's indoors in a cold room and they lasted less than 3 hrs.....also they fit small, tight and bulky.......heat was excellent till they died........also could never get a green light indicating full charge.........even after 9 hrs of charging.....another pair I found in a local store had a hole in the index finger.............I sent them back PRONTO for a refund.........don't bother till they work out the kinks and make these more "real world" reliable......

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I have a friend who coaches, with incredibly poor circulation in his hands. On really cold days he uses a pair of Swany mitts, with high cuffs, and a zipper pocket on the back to insert the heater pack{s}. He swears by them. He normally wears a Hestra three finger mitt. I know that Grandoe has made both gloves and mitts with the heater slot as well. I'd personally avoid the batteries, chargers, etc. If you're looking for a sense of warmth, they may not be the best....much like the boot heaters of old. People would want to be "cozy", crank up the heat control, wear down the battery, and then have their over-warmed, moist feet turn real cold, real fast. I'd try a heater pack solution. Buy them in bulk and they are cheap.
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That's exactly what I did. I have a pair of Swany mitts still in the package that I plan to try out during the season. The plan was to trade up to the PrimoVolta's at a store in Stowe. I kept the Swany's in the package till deciding on the Primos. They weren't getting the Primos for a while so I decided to purchase the Primo's online instead prior to season start and test drive them.

I'm keeping the Swany's and sending the Primos back. I may try the Red Savinas to see if they are more reliable but they aren't due out till spring and at $300 I want 8 hrs min of battery life........which should translate into 4-6 hrs real time.......

I also use Hotronics and won't Alpine or Tele without them.....usual setting needed is 1-2..........I've only been up to 3 one time and that was at -20 w/o windchill......had to ski that day in my snowmobile gear and was fine for 8 runs or so........
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