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Hi everyone I just stumbled upon this website and wondered if you could help me - I'm thinking of doing a level 1 and 2 CSIA course in Canada within the next couple of years but have to save up first...
When you have obtained the level 1 or 2, is there a certain amount of skiing each year you have to do to retain the qualification?
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Once you have your cert, you keep it. But in order to stay 'current' you have to do a certain amount of continuing education (updates, courses, seminars) and pay your annual dues. For further details, call the CSIA office at 1-800-811-6428 .
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Suggest that you start with the Level 1 Course and go from there.

Every 3 years, you must complete a PDP (Personal Development Program) as indicated by the recall year on your membership card.


Good luck!

CSIA Level 1 Instructor
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Annual PDP

If you've paid your CSIA dues, you've paid for a PDP session each year -- no need to wait until the mandatory recall year.
It's nice to do an annual update so you get to see & hear what's new every year, and get some feedback you can use for your own training & development.
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A few more notes on staying current with your CSIA info:
1. If you pass a higher level, your recall date gets reset, i.e. if you take a level 1 in 2008, then pass your level 2 in 2009, your recall date will be 3 years from 2009.
2. If you're in a position where you can't take a PDP by your required date for whatever reason (sounds like you're from overseas), you can still resume teaching when you come back, you just need to take a refresher PDP when you start.
You can also save some money on your dues being an "Associate" or non-teaching member. This avoids paying a reinstatement fee that can pop up if you just stop paying dues (someone may want to clarify details on that).
3. As mogulmuncher states, you are entitled to do one PDP annually, even if it's not your recall year. This is a great thing to do, since you're essentially getting a half day lesson with a level 4 for free. There are public ones that anyone can attend, regardless of ski school affiliation, but there are also ones run through ski schools, which other members can usually join in on, provided there's open space (the SSD will give priority to his/her instructors obviously).

Good luck getting your certification. You may be interested in looking at a couple of the programs like Ski le Gap (at Tremblant) or the Crystal International Academy (Lake Louise or Whistler). They run programs geared towards college age kids taking a year off to travel, etc. They have full packages with lodging, food, and several weeks of training to get your level 1 and 2. You may have something else in mind, but it's an option to look at.
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Hey, great to hear you're looking at the CSIA level 1 and 2 courses!

Taking the level 1 course will enrich your life in many ways! For me, the four day level 1 instructor course improved my skiing more than several weeks of lessons. And a lot of the young people who didn't have any background in teaching learned a lot about how to effectively instruct. There's definitely something for everyone to take away in the course. And it's cheaper than lessons!

The only recommendation I have is to ensure that before the course begins you can make parallel turns on Ontario blacks or any other province blues without any major issues (the people who failed were turning by rotating their shoulders, or way in the backseat). I also found it helpful to get some guided mileage on low-end snowplough turns, as the beginner and lower level skiing is a large part of the exam.

That said, whether you pass or fail on a CSIA course, you'll have still improved tremendously! Definitely worth the price of admission. (And your first year dues are included in your level 1 course fee!) And once you pass the level 1, you can take additional modules, which are really cost-effective and taught by level 4 instructors.

Best of luck, nicnic!
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