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Thinking Axis X - but what about fats?

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I'm looking for new skis and wonder what folks think about the K2 Axis X vs. something fatter.

First, the details:

5' 9", 150 lbs
Advanced/borderline expert
Prefer off-piste to groomers and bumps but ski everywhere
Ski mostly out East but head West 8-10 days a season (more if I'm lucky)

My last pair of skis was the 181cm Atomic Beta Ride 10.20s (the 00-01 edition). I skied them a whole lot at Alta in 00-01 on them. They lived up to their rep - screamed on groomers and steeps, busted crud, hard to turn in trees and bumps, sunk some in deep powder. And I had to bring my A game in order to get any love. Bending them on short turns took serious work and I found myself getting kicked around quite a bit when I went off the trail.

Now I'm headed back to the East Coast. I'll be skiing a lot less, and probably less capably than I did when I was in Utah, so I'm looking for something more maneuverable and forgiving.

I demo'd the 00-01 Mod X in 181cm one day and dug them thoroughly. And after reading lots of old posts, I'm leaning toward a pair of 174cm Axis Xs.

But fat skis beckon, and it seems like there are more than a few models around these days that are flexy enough to be fun in trees and bumps (even for a lightweight like me) but still reasonably stable on groomed.

So: Are the Axis Xs my dream ski or should I look at something chunkier? And which fat ski models might suit me?
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Seems like this is the year of the fat ski. The ski companys have thier marketing guys working overtime on selling fat skis.If your adding a ski to your quiver of skis then a fatty is a lot of fun for those special days. Even here is Utah I only have maybe 15 days on my Chubbs. and a few of those days I might have been happier on my K2 modx skis. I have been skiing the modx for two seasons and really love them. IMHO They are one of the most versatil skis on the Market. They are great in just about any condition up to boot high powder. More then boot high is when I bring the chubbs out. Ok I love my Modx. However I might not be so in love with them if I were skiing in the East. K2 skis seem to have a rep for perferring softer snow. The hard pack of New England may not suit The AxisX. One ski that I think would be a good choice for the east would be the Atomic Beta ride 922 it has a bit more flex then the 10:20 and a slightly wider foot print. If your in the trees alot you may want to drop down to a 170.
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Fat skis like deep snow and they suck in the bumps. The Axis X will be fine for someone who skis mostly in the east. Buy that one and demo some fats this season to find out for yourself.
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