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binding movement

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hi all,

I am looking a finally purchassing some skis . . . . but am wondering once the bindings are mounted . . . how much movement is there in them if i were to get slighlt bigger or smaller boots in the near future . . would i have to get them remounted?

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The adjustment range in bindings varies, with some bindings accommodating a wide range of sizes, and others being adjustable only plus or minus one size (centimeter). Skis with integrated bindings are generally adjustable between sizes 24 and 30. What skis and bindings are you looking at?

Also, the standard advise here is, get your boots first and get them fitted professionally if possible. Boots are the transmission between you and your skis and are the most important piece of the puzzle. Skis and bindings should be secondary.
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Get the boots first. Get them fitted by a good boot fitter, and don't buy them too big.
Once you know what size boots you are getting you will know where to put bindings on the skis. Don't worry about missing a good deal on a pair of skis before you know your boot size; another good deal will come along.

Break in the boots and have them adjusted. Ski some more and get more adjustments done. Good fitting boots are the most important part of your kit.
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thanks for the advice. i already got a pair of boots last season and they fit like a glove! i guess i am just thinking if i get a new pair in 2 yraes time when they are worn out . . will my skis be able to adjust if the boots are slightly bigger/smaller . . i dont mean inside size wise but i understand some shells are thicker than others and thought that they may not be exactly the same size for the bindings . . . .
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Don't know why your boots would be worn out in two years. Are you getting 75 -100 hard days a year? However that asked, boots typically vary less than 1 cm between manufacturers so if you are sized correctly now you will probably have no problem.

But as was advised there is nothing you can do besides get a rental binding. Not recommended. So you simply have to live with the uncertainty.

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I you buys skis with system bindings, like Head / Tyrolia railflex, the bindings are infinitely adjustable and can be done so by you. On the other hand if you buy flat skis that require bindings to be drilled and mounted to the skis, then your adjustability will be more limited, but should still be within a personal boot size change.
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