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looking like my annual ski-with-cousin trip will be here this year, likely late january. seems like it will meet the easy-on-the-eyes requirement but i don't know much about staying in town (seems charming enough) vs. lodging at the mountain. i assume there's a shuttle from durango to the hill and i don't mind the 25-mile (?) ride out and back, particularly given the scenery.

re: lodging, we're decidedly no-frills, will be eating out each evening. a hot tub/jacuzzi and pool are nice. seems anything in durango is within reasonable proximity to anything else in town. if something tucked away off the main drag (?) means less noise, that's a plus.

suggestions for a good breakfast? cousin would appreciate the best hamburger/steak/ribs in town.

any thoughts about things to do on a non-ski day? (driving to silverton to ski isn't on the agenda.)

in short, welcoming any feedback. so thanks for anything.
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Its been quite sometime since I have been there. I think it was March of 1995. The trip from town to mountain seemed forever long, but I was only 16 then. I might think otherwise now though. We stayed in a condo at the base of the mountain. I enjoyed skiing there a ton, but there wasn't much for us kids to do once the hill closed. I am sure a ton changed in the almost 14 years since i have been there but I think you will enjoy it.
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You eat ribs for breakfast?
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uh, no. i guess the cousin might, but yeah, the back of sentence one did kinda bump into the front of sentence two in a culinarily confusing way. excellent question. glad i could clear that up.
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PM mudfoot for information about Durango, I think he is a local.
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Purg is the worst ski resort in the state in my opinion.
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I am not going to dispute Drop Cliff’s assessment of DMR from an expert’s perspective. Purgatory is a beautiful area with great views and weather, but it completely lacks any real expert terrain, other than a few short pitches. It also has numerous flat areas that require substantial effort to get across, which tends to tax the unfit, unskilled, and unwaxed. That being said, if you are an intermediate or beginner skier you can certainly find some fun turns there.

The choice between staying in town or at the mountain is a tough one. The area went through a major construction/renovation this year, so the business scene is still in flux, but the problem remains that there are very few restaurant choices within walking distance if you stay at the area. Residential real estate development runs rampant, but commercial development is still very puny at the base area. There really isn’t much to do up there, and if you don’t bring groceries your food options are very limited.

If you stay in town there is a shuttle bus to the area, but it makes many stops, so it can be a rather long 25+ mile ride. The motels in downtown are expensive, but walking distance from all the bars and restaurants. Most of the motels are on the opposite end of Main Street 3 miles from downtown, so they are cheaper and don’t give you much in the way of convenient eating options, but there is a trolley bus that provides regular runs downtown.

For Ribs try Serious Texas Bar-B-Q, steak The Ore House, and burgers The Palace, but the buffalo burger at Carvers is one of my favorites. I’m not one to eat out for breakfast, but The Durango Diner on Main is the “greasy spoon” favored by most locals. If you start at the train station at the south end of main, the further you go north the restaurants get cheaper and more “local.”

If you want non-skiing activities check out the “Things to Do” link at http://www.durango.org/
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mudfoot, i appreciate the response. a bit of looking-into got me to what you've stated and i decided to leverage the cousin toward steamboat in march instead. he'll have ample green/blue terrain, and i'll get some stuff that i like too, with more acreage to support a three- or four-day stay.

i think we'll both be happy. (and i have a feeling he'll still get enough of the texas skier vibe that helps him feel at home.) guessing also that the cost of flying into la plata (durango) and hayden (steamboat) are fairly comparable.

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