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Denver / Boulder Boot Fitter Recommendation

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Has anyone been to Larry?

I am familiar with this link but have not found a Denver / Boulder recommendation:


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The Custom Foot in Englewood.
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Thanks. I meant to mention I plan to purchase alpine boots as well. I notice your recommendation does but wanted to make it clear than I'm looking for more than just someone to fix my current boots.

Also, if there is a particular person to work with at your recommendation that would be appreciated.

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Lee Kinney is the name of the owner/fitter at the custom foot.
He only works off appointments.
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Holy! I just called Lee who was very nice and set up and appointment. The Holy! is the price he said is necessary to get the boots fit correctly and is around $225 for custom foot beds.

Is this normal? Both the price and the need for custom foot beds?

Or, is it all one of those things that's not really needed but people will spend money on for piece of mind?

Thanks again!
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Yeah, Sorry about that I should of informed you about that. Lee really likes to use foot beds. Everyone has there opinions on foot beds and some think everyone can benefit from them and some think they are not necessary for everyone. I will let you make your own decision on that. Yes prices can vary on foot beds, and I will admit he is on the high side for foot beds but he does do a great job.
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not on the high side at all.... for a well made custom device this is reasonable, think of the materials, more importantly the technology, and then more important than that the time and skills of the fitter

think about this as the foundations you are going to buld your house on!

how much do you pay your plumber or your lawyer?
do either of these guys give you as much pleasure as you can get making sweet turns in 2 feet of pow with the sun shining????

Let's put it another way how much do you pay for your vacation? now divide it up into days, include everything from the lodging to the lift ticket, the beer at lunch and even the tip for the waitress at dinner....now think how long this footbed will last you and work it out as a percentage......PEANUTS

probably the best investment you could make in the curent financial climate
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ya price is about right. 10 years + training = a professional (this is a lot more then a kid from high school selling a kids jacket at a box store)
ya get what ya pay for
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quick update

Thought I would give a quick update -

I went in to Lee yesterday. He had an overflow of customers during normal business hours so asked if I could come in on a Sunday (when he is normally closed).

Spent 3 hours with him and his puppy. Great guy to talk to and was a pro for sure. Found out I was skiing in a shell one full size too big. Gave me two main options for boots and before molding, both fit pretty close to perfect. Fit me for some custom foot beds and molded the liner. He said the liner was half the additional cost and service was the other half. After putting the final product on I realized it was all worth it. I didn't know boots were supposed to fit like that! My old boots were clamped down really tight and didn't feel even.

Just wanted to give a five star review for Lee and recommend anyone in the area go visit him at the Custom Foot. I can't wait to get in to them for my first runs.

I decided on the Salomon Impact 10s. It was between that and the Techica Dragon but he said there were a few boots that would have worked just fine for my foot. Picked the Impact 10s because they felt a bit more snug in my heel before molding.

Thanks again to everyone. Haven't even skied them yet but already feel the money was well spent.
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I love it when a plan clomes together

enjoy them
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Nicely done and thanks for the update. Always nice to know that the extra expense of going to a trained fitter is worthwhile.

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