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Looking for a new SL ski?

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Ok I dared to poke the bee hive? Lets hear your opinions?

Volkl Racetiger SL WC
Fischer SL WC
Elan SL WC
Stockli Laser SL WC
Rossignol SL WC

I have Fischer WC SCs in a 155
Volkl AC30s (Out west ski)
Rossignol SL cheater ski (MN ski)

Boots that I will be using will be my Technica Race R H13.

I love my fischers but they are getting old and I want a true race stock ski.

Me: 5'10'' 150. Solid level 7 (rating is because of my bumps ability or lack there of). I know I am working on it.
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5 Stars for the Fischer World Cup SL

I have a pair of Fischer WC SL's and absolutely love them. Unbelievable ski, and much more versatile than you would expect. I use them for just about everything, any conditions, any turn shape, and rarely use my GS skis anymore. As for the others you mention, I haven't tried them so can't comment on the differences. I can only tell you that you can't go wrong with the Fischer WC SL.
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