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Boreal open...

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But does anyone care? I've never skied here but it looks really, really, really small.
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I've skied Boreal. It's only really small,not really,really.
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Yes Kevin, it is pretty small, I've heard it called a 'bump in the road on I80' [img]smile.gif[/img]........but.... I have fond memories of the place.

IMO its one of the best resorts to learn skiing. Its where I went my first 2 times. The prices are cheap compared to the big ones, its close, their staff is very friendly, great lodge and bar, and even though a lot of snowboarders show up, the mountain doesn't feel very crowded.
They even have a free lift which you can ride all day without a lift ticket, so its a perfect intro for newbies - pay $20 for rentals and have fun. Their lesson program guarantees free lessons till you reach level 3 - I took about 3 group lessons for the price of 1 - one of these became a priv since no one else wanted a lesson at 4pm.

As you said, most don't care, but I do plan on taking friends out there and turn them into new converts!
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They have the busiest first-aid room in tahoe, for many of the reasons Kevin mentioned. There are a lot of fun secret stashed there, too.
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They also have night skiing as I recall. So even if its small you can get a lot of skiing in. It's a freindly neat little place to take your first runs of the season. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I feel the same way about Boreal--it's a fun little place.
When I'm out Tahoe way, the trip usually gets us there in the afternoon, just as the major resorts are closing. I'm usually so amped to start skiing that I enjoy heading over to Boreal for night-skiing to get the Ya-Ya's out before the major skiing begins.
Anybody else do it that way?
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