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Help Please!

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Hi all, last season was a boot disaster for me and it should not have been. I had a 6-7 year old pair of technica diablos that i bought used, beat up, broken in with stock footbeds. they felt great and i could wear them all day no problem.
Last year i decided i was going to get new ones and my local shop, that has a good reputation as far as bootfitters, told me i needed a way smaller boot, and i had a very narrow foot and a skinny lower leg, and i needed custom footbeds. I ended up getting the new diablos since they didnt hurt at all when I was wering them in the store for an hour with the footbeds. I sked a few days and they killed me, right on my shin when i was leaning forward into them. I went back and they told me they screwed up and put me in the wrong boot because the cuff was too big for my legs.
Their solution was to exchange them for a pair of nordica speedmachine 10's bc that was the only thing they had left in stock at that point in the season. They felt better, and they said it was narrower all around so it would fit better, however, they still hurt in the same spot when flexing. I figured it was just because i was bruised there, but it hurt for the rest of the season. I just went to try and put them on again, months later, and it still hurts when i push forward. any suggesstions what to do? I spent a lot of money and got all new stuff, but my used 7 year old boots felt much better!
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um, go back and talk to the shop again.

1) This time of year they should have full sizes/stock

2) Your shin is not damaged right now.

is the shin pain a horizontal line right on the top of the boot?
or a vertical line on your shin?
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might not be the boot!!!!
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Can you tell us a little about you? Foot length and width, your height and an answer to mtnlion would prove helpful.

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thanks for the replies...its more like a pressure point, on the top of the shin, where im applying pressure to the cuff...i talked to someone today and they said it should break in. also, last year i did go back right after i used them for one day, and they put foam on the front of the liner behind the buckles, and that helped a little, but when i crank in and get forward in the boot i still feel it. Other info is im 6'0" about 170 and expert level skier. I'm in a 26.5 now, and have a pretty narrow heel and forefoot. Thanks again!
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so right top, center of the boots tongue?

skinny shins I guess?

1) do up the boots power strap FIRST and around the liner only (not around the boots shell)

2) if that doesn't help heat up the tongue with a hot, hair dryer, and re-shape it to a smaller calf size. So that the contour of the liner better matches the contour of your shin shape.

Eliminator tongues might help too.
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Thanks mntlion. I did try the strap thing last season, and it did help for a little, but I am going to try remolding the tongue as well...and yes I do have very skinny calves and shins! Thanks again for the help
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and you had no extra socks, layers, thermals, ankle chains, small children etc inside the boot.
just one, thin, clean, sock?
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haha yeah, just 1 pair of light ski socks
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Sounds as if you are getting shin bit at the very top of the tongue. You could also add some dense padding to the tongue just below the sore spot and that should help.

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