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Dalbello Krypton Pro Vs. Rampage

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I've read here, and my internet research tells me that the Rampage and the Pro fit the same. Style-wise they a very similar but the Pro has some interchangeable parts, giving you more flex options & footbed options. It also "can" be purchased with a Thermo I.D. liner were as the Rampage cannot.

My questions is, can an I.D. liner be put in the Rampage? I know that you can buy Intuition liners that will fit, but I believe that Intuition made the I.D. liners just for the boots Dalbello selected for an custom fit instead of off the shelf.

Also, if you put an I.D. liner in a Rampage, haven't you created the performance of a Pro minus the interchangeability and flex ratings?

I've been leaning towards the Rampage based on Pro = alimony payments, Cross = sleeping on the couch and Rampage = "buy her something nice". I still have to get fitted but I'm trying to get an early start on this. With getting the Rampage, I probably wouldn't put the I.D. liner in it for another year or two (will be skiing with a knee brace and have to play nice) but I want to see if that options there after the standard liners pack out.

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Originally Posted by L&AirC View Post

Also, if you put an I.D. liner in a Rampage, haven't you created the performance of a Pro minus the interchangeability and flex ratings?
No. They look the same, but are two different boots. Sure they may fit the same. The rampage is a considerably softer boot. Simply dropping in the pro intuition into it won't frim it up that much. While it was a three buckle boot similar to the Pro, it was marketed as a freestyle/park & pipe boot. At least that's who was buying them.

Yes the Pro comes with the soft and firm zeppas. They come with several canting spacers and two forward cant or lean spacers. Pros come with soft and firm tongues.

Are you thinking about the Krypton Cross?

Are you getting a screaming deal on the Rampages?

While some people put an intuition aftermarket liner with success (for comfort and warmth), I think the cuff on the Rampage might be higher volume than the pro, bucause it was only sold with the stock (brown furry) liner.

Several folks later wanted to stiffen the boot after purchase. The Rampage is so soft that there wasn't much I could do. Adding the Pro Intuition liner and a powerstrap helped some, but basically it was a lost cause.
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Just to add to Stephen's remarks. Part of your question was about fit. They do fit identically and you could move liners back and forth.

But to the point his answer is correct and you need to decide the purchase based on flex. The Rampage is soooofffffftttttt.

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I knew that the Rampage (80-110) wouldn't get as stiff as the Pro (100-140). I guess my thinking was that I could get the exact fit/comfort with the Rampage that the Pro offers. My thoughts weren't about stiffening up the Rampage and I think the way I worded the question lead that way. And unbeknownst to you, I was thinking of it as it related to me. The Pro is better at being a boot than I am at being a skier (there I said it). Rampage probably is too. Therefore "I" would get every advantage from the Rampage with the ID as I would with the Pro with the I.D.

My anology would be being in a Porsche or a Ferrari. Both can handle going over 120 mph but I can only handle 80mph. I do have asperations of being able to do over 120 in the future.

The Rampage came in my view by using the Boot Selecter at Dalbello's site. I mainly ski on groomers and some off piste. This year I'll be off off piste because of my knee. Since I need boots this year I'm trying to purchase for a year or two out. Though I'm mainly on groomers, I'm being drawn more and more to glades and the like.

Compared to what I have been skiing in (Dolomite XS 07-I think a 70 Flex), the Rampage will seem stiff.

No deal on the Rampage and the only way I could get the Pro is if I were to get a screaming deal. I have been trying to justify the Pro price in that you are getting at least two pairs of boots.

So the I.D. gets you the best fit (fit = performance) and comfort the Rampage or Pro has to offer, but the I.D. liner does NOT make the Rampage and Pro equal.
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Exactly the same shell mould, Rampage - G2 Poly Ester, Pro G1 Poly Ether. Otherwise the liner options and 'Mecano' kit will achieve the same thing in relative terms.
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So now my head hurts. If the Krypton boots are rated 1st Pro, 2nd Cross and Rampage 3rd, will "I" be able to tell the difference?

The rest of this is data if needed for the above question.

I would guess that at my current ability level I could probably step it down into the Axion line but I want to buy boots (all gear really) for where I'm trying to get. I don't think it's a bad thing for technology to help out what I lack in skill.

I skied about 20 days last year and this year, weather provided, I'll at least double that. I ski all around in NH but mainly at a smaller place because it's only 30 minutes from home. I don't think anyone would argue with me being classified as an advanced, athelitic skier. I can control going fast and I like doing blacks and even some double blacks. I'm drawn to the trees but I have to pick and choose what glades I go in to. Several of the guys I ski with are expert and have been skiing over 30 years. I can keep up with them but lack their finesse.

If I added all my years up I would come up with 6 or 7 but the last 4 have been focused with steady improvement and my plan is to continue to get better.

I ski on Metron B5's. They're more ski than I can use now but I do enjoy them and I was using Dolomite XS 07 boots. Got both at a great deal.

You're continued patience is greatly appreciated,

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Don't step down. The Rampage will be great if it fits you properly. It is IMO only possible to buy a boot that is too stiff or too soft but what the manufacturer calls the general performance range is irrelevant.

In other words very few male skiers wouild find a 90 boot too stiff. So everything else about closeness of fit, adjustability and responsiveness is just a bonus.

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