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Booting Out

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Occasionally I lose my edge set on the downhill ski when the inside of the boot hits the snow in the turn. I do not have any lifters on these skis and wonder if this would remedy the problem.
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Yes, lifters would probably help. You could also go to a ski with a wider waist and a boot that has a narrower shell, if your foot can fit in a different boot.
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I would absolutely recommend a lifter. I'm not specifically advocating EPB lifters, but these are a good deal:

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If you're gettin' down that low then just git ready with yur teeth to replace the lost edge contact ...if you still have any left (teeth that is.)
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I've booted out 3 times so far on the same skis. The first time caught me off guard and I did a nice hip check slide for 100 feet,to the amusement of a few ski-pals. Each time it happens I seem to have a better recovery rate.(no fall) Apparently, the Volkols are bent in the shovels . I have purchased a pair of 150cm Rossi 9s race carvers w/ lifters. How low can you go . At first I was too short, but after getting dialed-in it's short skis @ high speeds. I would like to thank you for the replies and will be putting lifters on any new skis they really work.
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