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What a pretty picture

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My plane leaves for Jackson in 7 hours and this is what will be waiting for me when I get there:

Please Let me land


Missing the Gather totally sucked but at least I'm still going to Jackson. And since it appears there will be some fresh so I won't have to sacrifice my friend who made us cancel our Gathering trip.


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Holy storm systems Batman!
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I'm assuming this was taken this morning (25th) around 7am eastern time??? (well, duh!!! the date and time are listed at the top!)

YIPPIE!!!! HURRAH!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! Bring it on baby!!!!!

Oh, and Sean, if you get diverted to Denver (don't think you will) shout out to me and I'll have an excuse to give to my wife in order to drive to Jackson . . . .You'll be an old friend . . . okay!!!!
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To be honest after looking at other types of radar it doesn't look like it's bringing anything. It appears to be upper level cold clouds only.
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Please post a conditon report upon you return.
I leave for JH next week & would really appreciate it...targee too,if you happen to go.

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This storm is dumping about 5 feet of snow here in Mammoth...as we type [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Current conditions at Teton Village as of 11:00am today:

3" of new since 6:00am, with snow falling. Looking for another 6-12" tonight with more snow everyday through Monday.

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