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Best month to go to LCC this year?

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We went in March last year and got a nice amount of snow. This year we are picking between the first two weeks of January of like March 21 - 28.

Any thoughts? Is there like an "Alta almanac" for this year?
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we go every year last weekend of February. If you have one week all year I think that is the best. For January if it is happens to be a deplorable year, snow coverage still might be light, (although that would be doubtful for LCC, could be possible elsewhere), and stuff closed yet. Also, January is cold and dark. In March the sun starts coming on strong and high and could ruin conditions fast. Even in the end of February, you can feel the sun starting to destroy good snow on south-facing slopes. End up getting big moguls and powder gone bad quick on a sunny day. It can and does get warm even the end of February. Also, I think March might tend to be more crowded with spring breakers and fair weather skiers. Skip Washington's birthday weekend.

But this year will be my 3rd in a row where I will be getting out West for an extra trip on 2nd weekend of December, Aspen, and an early season trip is for sure a great way to start the winter.

Last 2 years I skied Alta/Snowbird 2nd weekend of December and even though the snow was off to much below average starts, i was saved by the bell, and skiing was just fine! Of course, the time to go, is when you can!
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The Alta web site has a site [http://www.alta.com/pages/snowhistory.php] that shows snowfall history by month. March is the best, but January is close behind. Hard to say which month will be better this coming year.
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The link didn't work. Go to Alta.com and under Snow Report & Weather, go to Snowfall History.
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feburary, march, april
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Yeah, come on, are you seriously asking for an LCC forecast month by month? If you can plan your trip last minute whenever there's snow, or just plan ahead and hope for the best. There's no warranties in life, but SLC is as close as it gets to a sure bet.
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I booked a trip to Alta for the last week of February.

It's true, there are no guarantees on conditions. But I figure there's not many places on the planet where the odds are as good as LCC in late Feb/early March.
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I agree with the poster above...how can anyone here predict with any certainty if conditions will be better in one month or another???

That being said March will PROBABLY be a bit warmer and I can GUARANTEE you will have more daylight during March. If I had to choose now I would choose March even though you are late March. How do prices and airfare compare?
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You paysa you money, and you takea youse chances.

Everymonth in every year is different. That being said, I've rarely gotten skunked in Jan-April, although there was crap conditions in March 05 when I went with the kids. Trust that's helpful.
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