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Snow Yet?

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Is Colorado the only place with snow yet? Is it natural snow, or manmade snow? We haven't had a single flake in Tahoe yet.
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Hi AC, I am currently visiting family in Atlanta, but when I left Big Sky last week we had already recieved 33" of snow froim 3 storms with water content a Tahoe local would appreciate. Due to several on mountain projects underway, the management of Big Sky chose not to open. Those U^%$#

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Mt Hood has just enough to make it look white from a distance...got rid of that all rock summer identity but nothing to ski on. It appears that all the good weather is going through Washington state and canada.
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Black Hills, SD has just enough to make it white. It'll likely melt by the end of today, but it's a start!! :
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Sunshine Village in Banff, AB

Not bad...
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Killington was testing the guns last week. Jay Peak in VT had a BUNCH of snow, but since, its been *sniff* like, 60-70 degrees *sniff* and it all went away...*sob*....

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Big White opened this weekend with free skiing for all! Too bad I couldn't make it up there

It was their earliest opening in 25 yrs.

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Been snowing at stevens pass WA but it has not been staying more than a day or so.
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I just got back from Colorado and the only large amounts of snow I saw were manmade. Winter Park had the guns running and I heard on the Denver news that Loveland and Copper were open. The only natural snow I saw was around Berthound Pass, but that was just in patches.

The white stuff is in the Minneapolis forecast! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It is snowing in the cascades right now. Word has it up to a foot tonight, maybe over 20" in the next 36 hours.
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Breckenridge's cam from today, not too bad, but all the skiing in Colorado will be on manmade for the next month at least, Colorado skiing doesn't usually really start until Dec. or Jan.
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As of 7:22:06 AM on 10/23/01
New Snow: 3 inches
Skies: Snowing
Base Snow Depth: 3 inches
Temp: 26 degrees
Wind: 15 - 30 east mph

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The resort I mostly ski at, Sunshine Village in Banff now has a base of 50 cm! Too bad they're still working on the new gondola. (Live Skicam pic near the top)
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Snowing at Crystal Mt.

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I dont know whether people are trying to pla a sick joke on me or not but i was told that it is suposed to snow here in Western NY this weekend. A few people have told me that heavy snow is predicted, i have yet to watch the weather so i dont know for sure... We wont be skiing here for at least another month, but snow here is a wonderful sign of the season to come... woudlnt it be great to have a season with lots of snow here in the east...
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We're supposed to get snow in Dairy Air by Friday. It won't help the skiing though, what we need is clear, dry and cold for snowmaking.
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SNOWED on the way home tonight.
Time to put the X1/9 to bed for the winter and get out the HCXs. What is it about those X things?

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We're supposed to get some flurries tonight or tomorrow here in Chicago. Somehow, AC, I don't think that's the type of snow you thinking of though...
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Wow, that shot of Mt. Rainier from Crystal has to be one of the most dramatic web cam pics I've seen. If this doesn't make you want to hit the slopes, nothing will!
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My brother in Jackson Hole told me they have had as much as two feet up high in the last week or so. Well...maybe it was more like a foot.

Definately not even a flake yet in the Sierra although the over night lows are cool enough lately.
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Hey SkiKing,
Welcome to Epic ski.
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We got a dusting of snow here in N. Ont. Seems like it's gonna be a good winter. And to think, I spent last winter in Banff and it was their worst snow year ever. What luck! :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dchan:
Hey SkiKing,
Welcome to Epic ski.

Thanks for the welcome. I guess I should introduce myself. I skied some when I was growing up in Michigan, but have really only gotten serious in the last few years since I moved to Seattle. I'm not an expert yet, but I definitely love the sport and I'm ready for the season to get started! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Flash !

State of Michigan received major lake effect snow accumalations in the UP due to a very dynamic low pressure system that created sustaind winds, and brought significantly cooler temps because of Canadian artic air that blew accross the Lake Superior.

In the lower Penninsula we had a similiar situation but to a lesser degree. Personally I witnessed still remaining afternoon accumalatons in the 1-4 inch amounts from Buckley to Messick, almost to Cadilac.

No ski hills making snow, or where there any "crazed" snowmobilers trying to ride on as little as 4" of snow.

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Yep, I was snowed on over the weekend. I went camping in the Shennandoah (near Strasburg, VA.) A group of us decided to mountain bike over at Elizabeth Furnace (great place to ride by the way, just don't forget your skills - very harsh penalties for mistakes). About 2.5 hours (half way) into the ride we were cresting Green Mountain after a 1.5 mile, nasty uphill hike-a-bike section and waht do you know...it's snowing, AND HARD!!! It added a sureal quality to an already epic ride.

Now if my concussion will only go away...
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AC-Did it snow? Did it snow?????????
Rumors here in SF said up to 2 feet in N. lake Tahoe... :
What do you see??
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Right now it's rain in tahoe, but snow levels will be dropping from about 10,000 right now to about 7,500 later today, or so says the weather channel. I'm sure AC will reply as soon as he can pull his nose off the window.
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High Camp @ Squaw.

A few live cams I threw together.
Live Cams
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The weather forcast for Europe is looking good. Within the next few days snow is forcast for :-

Zell am See
St Anton
St Johan (both)

to name a few ....
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