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Ski Tip Connector Options

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I ski with a bungie attached to simple metal eyes that are mounted in holes drilled into the tips of my skis. This is fine for my personal skis but makes trying new skis impossible. The clp on edgy-wedgies come right off but I have seen a type of connector that goes over the ski tip and tightens over it. Does anyone know where I might look for this type of connector?
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We use these in the Adaptive Ski Program here. The edgie wedgies are a pain and are always coming off, especially on shaped skis. So, we made our own. Using a fairly large metal ring (about the size of a silver dollar) with a thumb screw that squeezes onto the tip of the ski. That is connected by a bungie-type chord looped through one of the rings on one end and a small carabiner on the other. The advantage is that you can easily clip on and off for riding the lift, skating, etc. I'm sorry i don't have one to take a photo of (wrong season) but you can cobble one together from a hardware store.

good luck!
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I bought a set of those about 8 years ago. The problem with them is that they really don't fit the newer wider ski tips well and they tend to loosen up as you ski. They worked ok on older, narrow tipped skis. They also cost about $60 for a pair.

Spokes N Motion have them. http://www.spokesnmotion.com/catalog...roduct_id=1042

An alternative for use while testing skis would be small C-Clamps with pads on the faces of the clamping surfaces. (If you aren't concerned with marring the ski surface then you don't need the pads.) Run an appropriate loop of bungee cord between them. (You can get bungee cord at some outdoor shops or hardware store.) If you hook the C-Clamps on the outside edges of the skis, the force of the bungee helps hold them in place.
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Hi - I'm an instructor who has designed and make a tip tether for skiers of all ages which a great teaching aid also.  It is small and compact compared to c-clamps with bungee cord.  Best is that it stays on the new stlye of skis too.  The tip tethers have been well tested both with adaptive and new skiers.  My product is half the price ($30.00 retail).  Contact me at akplumb@aol.com with tip tether in the subject.  I'll take a picture tomorrow at work. akp
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