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Salt Lake City at Xmas

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I'm considering taking my family to SLC over the Xmas holiday. We are East coasters and half my group are "green" skiers . I've not skied SLC and am unsure of conditions this early or which mountains will be the safest bet for good conditions. Any advise would be welcome!!
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Since I'm the only one awake at the moment, I'll chime in first, though the Wasatchers will want to have their say later. I'd say Alta or Brighton.
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Brighton and Alta are great for greeners. The PC area is also pretty good for those types. You will have a good time.

Temple Square has beautiful lights strewn about so you can have a nice holiday feel. They also have many attractive female missionaries from all over the globe. It is kind of like walking through a gourmet candy store with samples from all over the globe. They wear name tags with the flags of their homeland below them so you can see what a pretty girl looks like from France, Chile, Germany, Hungary, Nigeria, Korea...you name it.
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Salt lake is a great place for a ski trip, it is great on a families budget and there is endless variety. If you stay in Salt Lake, you are about 45 minutes away from 9 resorts, each one of them has good green skiing.(although put Snowbird on bottom of list for the green, for novices, can get in some sticky wickets!, let's try this way...)

Xmas would be very generally very reliable for adequate skiing. It is not too early to plan a trip. You won't do better anywhere else on average.
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The real choice is whether to stay in SLC or in Park City. If you stay in Park City, which has a nice feel at that time of the year, you can ski at PCMR or the Canyons and will find good skiing for all levels. As SnowbirdDevotee said, staying in SLC gives you access to lots of good skiing, but depending upon where you're staying, like Sandy, it might seem less like Christmas than in PC.
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