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Lange canting

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I'm looking to buy new boots this year. Mostly a fan of Tecnica (they fit me best), but am intrigued by the canting feature on Lange boots, mostly to avoid grinding (which I would have to do myself where I live). I have not had my boot canted but feel I would benefit from a bit of on the inside (slightly knock knee'd). Has anyone got experience with the canting on Lange boots?

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can you be a little more specific with the question

by canting i aqssume you mean the shaft adjustment or cuff canting as it is often called, as opposed to sole canting

in which case it adjusts just about as much as any boot
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I heard that some Lange boot models have sole canting. That's why I'm curious about it.
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lange used to make cantable sole pads for the comp series, they were rarely available in europe though they seemed to be available in the states..... not sure that they make anything for any of the up to date models though
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the lange fluids have a removable and cant-able sole for the bottom of the boot.

The race boots (WC) and freeride boots do not have this.

almost ANY boot can be planed down and plates (canted of flat) can be added
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AFAIK, the Lange cantable soles are only available in neutral or +/- 1.5 degrees which doesn't exactly give you a lot of choice or adjustability. IMO, better to buy the boot that fits you best and get your canting custom ground on the bootsole .
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Canted Langes--comp pro series

The lange comp pro is canted out 1 degree in the sole of the lower shell. The Zeppa also has a 1 1/2 degree outward cant. You should try them on and see how it affects your stance. For some, the boot skiis really well. For others we needed to bring them a little back in.

This boots comes in a plug with lace liner with a 93mm forefoot last and a 97mm forefoot last.

It is an exciting boot, incredibly quick, but do take note of the out of the box canting.

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+1 re. what Benny said.

If you have access to racestock boots, they are available with either the integrated +1 degree canting (as per Benny's post) or zero degree, i.e. neutral.
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Thx for the advice. I'll stick with Tecnica then. I'll probably look at the new dragon or the new diablo models. I'll have to figure out a way to do the grinding myself though.
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Griinding on your own definitely not recommended unless you have jointer or good belt sander, good understanding of techniques and a router to bring the top of the lug parallel to the sole.

Why can't you cant the bindings instead?

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