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Rossi bindings

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I just bought a new to me pair of Gotamas. They were supposed to have a 140 ti binding on them, but when I got them they have a white 120 binding with plastic sides on the heel piece. Does anyone know what binding this is? I think it is last year's model. Did I get screwed?
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Depends. Could be either an Axial or Axium. If it's an Axium, than I'd say you might have been screwed, but if it's an Axial you should be fine unless you run a DIN value of 13 or 14.

For what it's worth, I ran a set of Axium bindings for the last half of last season and didn't have any problems with binding release, but I don't go big, nor ski in no fall zones. I also ran Markers and didn't have problems, so you may want to take it with a grain of salt.
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They are the axial bindings. I think they will be okay. My other set has a titanium arm that connects the heel piece. This one is plastic, so I was curious about durability.
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They seem decent. If you ski din 8+ it might pay to get some PX15 or 18, but the 12s are just fine. I have 3 pair of PX12s so far no issues.
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Should be fine unless you're big or go big, but if you paid for 140s, then you deserve to get some credit back for having the 120s. For instance, some gear swappers would pay for the 140s, but not for the 120s, so (technically) you did lose a little value...
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The 120 Axials are a nice binding; use a couple of pair myself. Far as I know, the plastic is non-structural/load-bearing, no effect on anything. And while agree with above about higher DIN's for some stuff, the tradeoff is weight. Your 120's are not significantly different in weight than higher DIN Ti's because of latter's heavier internals. Know this because I own both versions, weighed them before mounting. And not a fan of beefier bindings unless I actually need the beef for something.
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