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Binding Question

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Ok, there are two (2) ski shops in my area. One says he needs both boots to set the bindings because each ski (left and right) must calibrated differently, and the ski's should then be marked "left" and "right".

The other ski shop says he only needs one (1) boot, and sets both ski's the same, because left and right ski's went out with straight ski's years ago.

So, who is correct?

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They only need one.
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Some shops may want both boots just to check them out and make sure ones not all messed up or something, but they only use one boot to check both bindings. Nobody calibrates left or right differently.

Did the guy at the first shop look like this?:
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Nope, he specifically said that he has to calibrate one for each foot. I asked him how my wife would know which ski was the left and the right and he said that he would put a sticker on one ski. I know this was a practice years ago, but I thought it went away. I must say that I have never trusted this shop. Thanks for confirming this for me.
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Originally Posted by Jer View Post

Did the guy at the first shop look like this?:
I don't get it.

Is that Syd Barrett? I guess I don't know enough about him to make the connection.

He does kind of look like a ski shop guy, though...
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Good ski shops like to see both boots to make sure toe and heel wear isn't too excessive. Has nothing to do with right and left. If the boot has replaceable heel/toe, some shops will swap out for no charge if they have them in their bin. It's a hassle if the boot needs new toe/heel and you only have 1 of the boots. Just good practice to bring both boots, especially if they are a few years old.
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The only reason to leave both boots with the shop/mounter is if you had weird mismatched sole wear, like if you walked with a limp your whole life... across many gravel parking lots or your shells have been punched out in the toe areas. If your boots are beat, leave them both and have the tech check them.
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