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Goats vs. Districts?

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I'm a knew Goat owner as of a couple weeks ago and I anticipate that I will love them. But I'm looking at the District skis by Bluehouse and I'm wondering if I made a mistake. Are they comparable? Maybe they've already been talked about so if you can direct me to some reviews or comparisons of the two skis. The Districts are a whole lot less expensive and they look like a pretty good ski. I may have made a big mistake....
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I own both and the Goat is far better based on last year's comparison. The District isn't a bad ski, but it's responsiveness and performance seemed to be lacking a lot to me once I was on the Gotamas. This year's District is going to have more stiffness underfoot and that will be a very good thing. Nonetheless, I don't think that you've made a bad decision. The guys at Bluehouse are great and easy to deal with. I hope that their new skis do really well. I'm staying with my Goats and am hoping that I may like the Districts in really soft deep snow (and we were not having a banner year for that in my area last year).
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