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Originally Posted by Powderdog View Post
I've been trying for two years to get the proprietors of Mt. Rose Ski Area in Nevada to take the apostrophe out of the coined word "nos" on there sign that reads, "ROSE NO'S": blah, blah (they then list things not allowed). I have explained to them that the apostrophe makes the word "no" possesive which is, of course, an absurdity and that it should, instead, be enclosed in quotation marks ("NOS") indicating that it is understood that it is a coined word used in a fanciful way which is OK or just left as NOS. It's on a great big sign that is the first thing that school kids see when get off the shuttle.
Annoyed, 'dog
-10 points for misspelling "their"

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I;m really digging the posts I;ve been reading by the person who can;t find the apostrophe key.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Are Aolomite boots better or worse than Solomite ones? They both seem more popular than Lance.
Just as long as their(sic) not Sodomites.
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