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Originally Posted by DropCliffsNotBombs View Post
I agree totally! The point that I was trying to make was that skiing's "image" to an outsider/non-skier is getting damaged by the perception that it is only a sport for rich, old folks. That type of image is not what we need to get new, younger people into the sport. The industry should not die with the baby boomers!!!
Yeah, the misperception that skiing is an old man's sport is real. I once believed it myself four years ago, and chose snowboarding first as a result. Snowboarding was "cool" because all my friends were doing it. Eventually I came around and skied.

Perhaps snowboarding is the "cool" recruiter, and that eventually these young boarders will come around and realize in time, that skiing is steezin' cool too... if not, they're still paying for lift tickets and helping everybody's cause.
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Originally Posted by epl View Post
when has skiing ever not been a rich-man's sport?
Back when there were 589 more areas in New England alone, when anybody who felt like it would put a car on blocks, run a rope and cleared a hill. I'll bet we have lost 90% of that market.

The American "survivor" ski areas are giving many of us a lot more than we need or want. Read "alpine circus" about some areas in the world that still haul people up hills on horses and mules, take discarded equipment and have a helluva day!
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There are many variables in play. According to a NSAA study in 2006 which looked at demographic trends, it concluded that due to physiological and sociological effects:
a) core baby boomers will drop out by age 60
b) by age 40, the majority of women drop out of skiing, and "take their families with them"
c) men drop out/significantly cut back during their child-rearing years (begin late 20s), but return to the sport by their mid to late 40s.
d) the gen-xers (29 to 40YO) is a significant chunk of the market and they need to figure out how to retain them.
e) The largest high-school graduating class in US history was in 2008.
f) key ski state populations are expected to grow by 28% by 2030.

And, important to the baby-boomer debate, the midpoint of skier age (50% above, 50% below) is age 34 (36 in 2008). Baby boomer ages range from 63 to 44. So to conclude the majority of skiers/boarders are baby boomers is not an accurate assessment.
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