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What would you do...

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if it were you?

As a graduation present I have a week at my parents timeshare, which is in Orlando, but the company has a really nice place at the Canyons in Utah; so that is where I'm heading. Plan to run over to Alta/Bird a couple times. I'm from the east and have never been out west and have only skied powder a few times in my life. Only twice was it above the boottops (that's in at least 200 times).

Trying to decide between to different weeks:

a) 2nd week of March - during one of my friend's spring break. Her and her boyfriend could come out and they snowboard (I ski) but they aren't very good. I'd be inviting them to hang out with after skiing. Good chance of good conditions.

b) Last week of March - during my best friend's and his girlfriend's (also a friend) spring break. If I had to pick between two friends it would be him far and away. They don't ski, but they would probably learn but wouldn't ski the whole time. They're easily amused; they'd find stuff to do. More of a chance for spring conditions at this time (not what I'm looking for).

Neither of them have said they could definitely go, and I'd say the chances are around 50% for either of them.
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I'm 24, single, and I'm not a mormon by the way.
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Originally posted by shmerham:
I'm 24, single, and I'm not a mormon by the way.
Why not go by yourself and meet people there? Or at the very least bring along a single girl that is also your friend? [img]smile.gif[/img] I've never been much a fan of the whole third wheel thing, although if you are just interested in skiing and being with good friends I'd go when the snow is (likely to be) better.
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well, it sounds like party a) isn't interested; still don't know about party b)

It's a 10 person place and I'd love to make use of it, rather than staying in it by myself and get a chance to hang out with some good friends that I haven't seen in a while.

Still don't know what to do :
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Invite some of us over. I believe Jet Blue flies to SLC.
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check your pm.
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If you're going to Alta/Snowbird, the conditions could very well be just as great in late March as they are at the beginning. They've had more than one late winter storm, and probably expect more.
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Can't go wrong with either week. Go with whichever period is NOT the spring break for the local area. Get it?

Oh and I am free those weeks, FYI.
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Go when the snow's best.
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Congratulations on your graduation! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Let me know when you decide to visit; I'd be happy to show you around - or be dragged around - The Canyons, my home resort.

If you can't fill the condo with your friends, I'm sure there is no shortage of Barking Bears who will volunteer to be your new friend. We are, after all, a very helpful bunch.

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Originally posted by Xdog:
Can't go wrong with either week. Go with whichever period is NOT the spring break for the local area. Get it?
Most locals out here don't ski. I'm not kidding.

Weather will be good either one of those weeks. Spring break brings the partys to Park City, bars are a blast. Bring along the better friends.


Which chick will be better to look at in the hot tub?
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Interesting development: Neither friend is able to go. Just asked a buddy from work who's out been out in San Diego on business if he was interested that first week. He's already booked a week at whistler that week (March 7-14), but he said he'd also be interested in utah if it could be done and invited me along to Whistler. So now I'm looking at a week in Utah any time except the first 3 weeks in March. Any recommendations? I was thinking the week before vacation week (ie, leave the saturday before president's day). Is it likely to be crowded that week? I wouldn't be skiing on saturday anyway.

Thanks a bunch everyone!
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Congrats on graduating...... I'll be in Whislter with a big group the 2nd week in March. Hope to see you out there. I'm also in need of one more guy to round out my room list.
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