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amateur skiing tournaments

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I am a noob to the site, and so i did not know where to post my question, so I will post it here.
Anyways, I am looking to participate in quite a few amateur events this year and I really do not know where to start looking.
I guess the warren Miller films inspired me, since I allways watch em, my sking is good enough for the test I believe, but I don't know where to turn. Guess my environment would be something similar to the x games, but I know you need a truck load of sponsors to compete in that.
i am wondering how to start from the ground up, where there is a purse to win, if your good enough for a small fee.
Im in Ontario canada, if anyone is willing to help me out, or post a few helpfull links.
thanx SKI OR DIE!
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Welcome to Epic CDS

USSA (Uninted States Ski and Snowboard Association) sponsers amatuar freestyone and racing competitions. I don't see a full schedule of events up yet, but it should be available shortly. You may also fiond a local club to join through USSA.


Competition Clubs

Good luck and you'll enjoy it cause it is a blast!

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Hi Davie,

Not sure if this may be of interest, but the High Park Ski Club based out of Toronto runs club races on many of its Saturday trips to Mount St Louis. There are door prizes you can win just for entering; you can win pins if you place in the top 3 for a category ha ha. No cash or anything, but fun.

Check out the club races page here: http://www.highparkskiclub.com/downhill/clubRaces.htm

Take care,

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I think that a little more information about what kind of competitions you are looking to get into would probably help steer this thread the right way. You mentioned the X-Games, but the X-Games had super-pipe, slopestyle, big air, AND skier cross events last year. Then there are traditional type races (sl, gs, sg, dh) and big mountain/extreme competitions to consider... so what do you do? Do you ski gates, huck 900's, bump shoulders in skier-x, or drop big cliffs and ski exposed technical lines with style? What's your poison?
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Lots of places also have freeskiing competitions, which are more about cliffs and steeps if that's your thing.
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