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Looking for a short list of Powder skis

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I’m interested in a powder oriented ski. I prefer to ski in the trees and ski with a two foot technique. (think slalom skier). As such, I don’t ski at high speeds, but would say while in the trees I don’t go above 20 to 25 mph. I’m approx. 5’ 6” and 150 lbs, and considered at about a level 9 skier. When it’s just a few inches, or spring crud, I ski my Dynastar 8800’s but when it’s deep (as in sinking up to my knees) I want more flotation, possibly something with a 100 to 110 mm waist.To give you an idea of how I intend to use them, I frequently ski at Alpine Meadows in California, and for those who are familiar with the area I am generally in the trees off the Sherwood lift or to the left of the Alpine bowl chair, through Arts Nob, Expert Shortcut, and Hidden Knolls.In doing some preliminary analysis and based on recommendations of a few skiers I met on Maui (funny how skiers living on Maui want to talk about gear) and elsewhere, here are a few candidates I am considering.Scott P4 171 or 181Line Prophet 100 174Icelantic Shaman 173PM Gear Bro 174 or 179Volkl Gotama 176K2 Coomba 174My preference would be to buy a ski from a smaller company, but I don’t know a lot about companies like Bluehouse, PM Gear, Praxis, etc. So illuminate me.I’m looking to develop a “short list” of about 3 to 4 skis to demo this coming season and I want a little time to do some research before the snow falls.Thanks Bears
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Did you want power skis or powder skis? Just checkin..
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sorry, typo POWDER
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Have you tried the search function? There are literally dozens of similar threads. Looking through those might help you ask more specific questions.
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If you want to ski pow two footed than the 8800s should probably be fine. If you get conventional 110+ fatty you will be able to ski pow like you ski groomers all weight on outside ski. You won't need to be so two footed / evenly balanced. But you should at least demo a fun shape.
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Praxis. Made right in Truckee and skied at Alpine frequently.

'nuf said.
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What Sinecure said. Given your predilection for trees, reverse camber and sidecut is the way to go. Your list of preferred runs matches up to the list of places that I found to be the most fun on my Praxis. You can probably go 185 if you go for the Praxis Powder Boards.

Hopefully, Keith from Praxis will actually get on the hill this year, instead of spending his entire winter building skis. If he does, he'll probably bring demos with him.

Alternatively, the PM Gear Llhasa Pow could be an excellent choice if you're not comfortable going full reverse/reverse.
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I've used the Icelantic Shaman (173) & think it would fit the bill for West Coast tree skiing rather nicely. The wide shovel & 110 mm waist make skiing crud & heavy powder practically effortless while the poppy flex and generous sidecut make cutting through the trees a complete blast. Get your hands on some demos & compare them to the others on your list.
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Recons, you gotta get some Recons. My ski instructor told me that they're the best ski for absolutely everything anywhere in the world.

Oh, sorry, getting delusional what with the lack of snow right now.

I think Alpinedad might be onto something with his comments about reverse camber/sidecut. They're easy to turn and can really open up some powder for you. I'd add the Armada JJ for 2009
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