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Ski setup help

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Hi, I'm new here.

I want to get a pair of twin tips this season, but I'm not entirely sure what to be looking at and what would best fit my needs.

I'm 5'7-8" and 105ish pounds. Intermediate - Advanced. I'm looking for something that can hit up the park, but still excel on the whole mountain.

I was looking into the Line Chronic 08 model (cheaper). Is the construction any different from the Chronic 09 other than the graphics? Also I'm clueless as to what bindings and boots I should get.

I don't have a large wallet, so budget is an issue. I don't know if I should go for a last year model or not because there is an expo coming here soon that says most products will be 70% off retail, so I don't know if I should wait or not.

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if you don't know what boots to get (or rahter how to get them), your not as advanced as you think you are. No offense, no one is as good as they think they are. Including myself and just about everyone on here.

That being said, what is wrong with your current boots? Are you having fit issues? Get the boot situation straightened out first. Drop most of your budget on boots, get a well fitting pair with custom footbeds. Find a good bootfitter who will take the time to get you in the right pair of boots. this is by far the most important step in the ski gear buying process.

As for the skis/bindings Public Enemies have a rep as a great all mountain twin, but Prophets, Trouble Makers, MSPs and a slew of other twins from most manufacturers are all great skis
. I'd suggest demoing if possible. If you could also let us know what type of skiing you do out of the park that would be helpful too. groomers? Moguls? Trees? Steeps? Maybe look for deals on sites like Tramdock or at local shops clearing out last years stuff.

bindings is yet another realm, most people develop a preference for a brand and then buy something from said brand. Me, I personally like/trust Look (Rossi) bindings the most, but thats me. You are pretty light so you don't need soem crazy high DIN binding.

Good luck and welcome to Epic.
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Yeah, I see your reasoning there. Okay... I'd say I'm Intermediate.

Well, I snowboarded for a while, and just last season I started skiing. Skied all season on a variety of skis and towards the end I tried a twin tip. I got pretty good and started hitting the jumps so this season I want a ski that can stay with me for a few seasons and allow me to progress and grow into a little bit more.

I haven't had any of my own ski boots so I'm not sure what to look for. I understand that in a lot of cases, the boots are more important than the skis. That's where I have really no clue at all in what to get (not to mention they are all so expensive!).
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