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Need some new skis

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I ski a pair of Volant Supercarves (183 cm)in the east, primarily groomed surfaces (the knees are too old and beat up for bumps). I'm 5'10, 210 lbs.

I love the skis most of the time, but want a pair of quicker, lighter boards for a change. Any suggestions on what I might want to try when demo days roll around?

Thanks in advance!
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Try the Salomon Equipe 10 3V with a S912ti PE2 bindings on it. The ski itself is very light and the binding is one of the lightest highest performing bindings on the market. Go with the 168 size. I owned the 3V for free skiing and racing last season and it rocks. It is still the most versitile slalom ski i have ever skied on. It is a very soft ski but very torsionally stiff so it has great edgehold. When you first ski on it, you will feel like the tips want to take off on you, but once you get control of them youre going to be making turns like never before. They are amazingly quick and can easyily be controled... unlike other slaloms i have skied on.
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If you get the opportunity, you may want to try out a pair of Rossi T-Power Viper S. I'll be getting them, after demoing last year, in 167, but given that you've got about 40 lbs on me, you might want to try the 174.

This was by far the quickest, nimblest, and most overall fun ski I skiied last year, on mostly groomed, East Coast conditions.
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Wow, that was quick...thanks.

I've got a bias to wood core because they tend to last longer. Are these wood? Or is my bias misplaced?

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The Salomons are half wood and half foam, the rossi's are probly not wood.
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Whilst I agree that the Salomon Equipe 10 series 3V are really excellent awesome skis, I have to say that the new Vokl T50 supersport 5 stars are better in that they are lighter and more versatile especially if you get into any heavier or deeper snow. And yes they are wood.
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Geez, if you have beat up knees I wouldn't suggest a full-on race ski like the equipe 10 2v's, even if it is a "lighter feeling" ski. At 210 lbs, you may very well have the strengh to keep them in check, but if you don't you'd be at risk to blow out a knee. I'd feel more comfortable suggesting something a little more forgiving like the viper s or the axis xr (mach s). That's just my two cents. I'm not a doctor, but I can do the robot.
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