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Zurs vs Lech: For intermediate adults with kids who are good-

and costs too, but how are conditions usually in mid to late april?
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Lech will be more expensive than Zurs. You can ski from one resort to the other, or use the free buss, so look at the accomodation costs. Lech is great for people watching.
Not sure what the conditions will be like, others may be able to advise you there.
To give you an idea of costs, a small beer will set you back €4-5. A small bowl of pasta is €12-15 in the mountain restaurants.
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Lech can be cheaper then Zürs...
How come? Well, in Zürs you have 10 hotels all in a high range and and no guesthouses while in Lech there are 100 hotels and there are guesthouses.

1 coke in zürs was 4,5EUR... it freaked me out :P

You just need to look arround, staying in Zug will be much cheaper aswell but that's no longer Lech.

And about the conditions... It all depends on the snowbase, the snow normally gets hard to ski and wet in the afternoon, though I have skied in april when it was still cold and snow came down all week... That's just pure luck.

At this time conditions in the Arlberg are way below the regular conditions (but this is the case for the whole of Austria (exept the south)).
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Good snow in the morning, spring snow/skiing after 11:00 am
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thanks - appreciate the april inside look

the arlberg does look kind of pristine..
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Folks, just got back from Lech-Zurs. Your advice on this forum and another was dead-eye on target. This was the "Heavens coming down to Earth" ! What a place, Lech-Zurs is! My boy and I skiied 7 days straight in 60deg weather, with so much snow though not one flake showed up while we were there (April 8 to April 16, 09). Though the day we left, I believe snow fell that evening. The place is really all about "soul". Facilities are tremendous, staying at Oberlech was perfect, ski right up to our Hotel Montana and ski right out. Lech-Zurs by itself is huge (way bigger than Sunshine and Lake Louise put together), and probably only Whistler-Blackcomb in North America is bigger. We did'nt even get to ski all the runs. They are endless. The White Ring (Der Ring Weisse, 11miles to 13.75miles depending on who you ask, but its long!) is awesome. The runs at the back of Lech, i.e. over the top of the Kriegerhorn lift, especially off the Steinmaide lift - they are reds but trust me, anywhere else, they'd be Black Diamonds, steep as sh*te, sheer drop-offs, and in spring conditions, mogully and piles of soft snow after 12noon, very, very hard to ski through. The runs off the Ruffikopf lift in Zurs (you get up there from Lech) are long and endless and then there is the Trittkopff lift with all red runs. The blues off the ruffikopff were about the gentlest and some off the Petersboden lift above Oberlech too, that is they were North American blues, only time one can call anything Greens were the kids training slopes or approaches to Zurs at the bottom. And yes, the approach into Lech is pretty much a Black at many NA resorts but broad and wide so traversing down is possible until the bottom where there is a "chicken neck" so to speak and can get pretty crowded.


For my son, it was incredible, great racing (he did his first slalom race) and finished well, and is now way ahead of his proud dad! He skiied seven straight days, as did his Dad. Dad's body is now feeling the effects, Dad skiied with torn rotator cuff and shredded bicep tendon (lots of advil, and shoulder armour for mental fortitude). We skiied with Klaus Mair of sofaskischool fame and what a class act he is. A friend now and the guy de-programmed and re-programmed Dad, and took son's skiing to the next level.


On the hotel advice here, you folks were tremendous. The Montana in Oberlech is something else. The hospitality of the Ortlieb family who own and run it was out of a fairytale, took my son in like family, and treated us as if we were guests in their home. And the food, holy guacamole, I live in Manhattan, none of the fancy-schmancy places in NYC like Le Cirque, Bouley or Le Bernardin etc etc, or places in Paris and London or wherever could compare. This was everyday, the menu was a treat, even got my son off his beige diet. The rooms were really nice, heated pool in the building and location to die for with alpine views for miles. We even got to see and hear two pretty large and scary avalanches!


The town of lech is nice, bars etc, did go there a couple of times for late drinks, pleasant place.


What can I say, you folks gave superb advice, for that my son and I genuinely thank you. I cannot recommend Lech-Zurs enough, for families its the ideal place, especially staying in Oberlech (I'd give the nod to the Montana over any other, location, hospitality, staff efficiency and food) and skiing with Klaus, well we made a superb new pal.


We never made it Haus #8, but main thing was son was too tired after skiing, though he played with pals and all till 9 at night or more at the Montana, and the food at the Montana was so good, could'nt think of missing the next surprise on their menu. The family Ortlieb (Gran'ma on down) are supremely gracious and welcoming.


Go to Lech-Zurs, experts will find a lot to ski, and for others its an ideal place, for couples, families etc. Note though, the Blue runs are harder than most Greens in North America, and some of those Red Runs would be Double Blacks here, while there are parts like the Blues here in NA, sections are real tough going, and some lifts have NO blue runs down, so pick and choose sensibly. It is serious big mountain skiing.


Note only NEGATIVE is that Europeans are somewhat rude on the way onto chairlifts, they jostle and kind of push, its really weird since what's the big hurry they are'nt going to get up any faster and the lift system in Lech-Zurs is state of the art..I found that really anomalous given the otherwise most gracious Austrian conduct. Well, the jostlers were mostly german or french !-)


And we did'nt even get to St Anton or St Christoph!

The pics below are :

1. About to begin endlessly long run off the Ruffikopf

2. Off the Kriegerhorn lift relaxing before getting poles to begin run down to Lech

3. Post brutal red run off of the Steinmaide lift

4. Top of the Ruffikopff lift

5. The Black Run in Zurs off the Seekopf lift

6. The White Ring circuit at the top of Madloch-Joch

7. View of Ski route down from Madloch to Zug from the top of the other side, i.e. Balmengrat

8. View of Oberlech from the Ruffikopf Gondola

9. Chairlift upto the Madloch-Joch

10. Top of the Trittkopf lift, late afternoon, getting geared up for long and hard red run down..through avalanche spots


About to begin run off the Ruffikopf lift

On top of the Kriegerhorn Lift before run begins, Klaus with my sonpost brutal red run off of the steinmaide lift in the back of lechtop of the ruffikopf liftBlack run off the Seekopf lift in ZursThe White Ring circuit at the top of MadlochView of Ski route down from Madloch to Zug we just did from the top of the other side, i.e. Balmengratview of oberlech from the ruffikopf gondolachairlift upto the madlochtop of trittkopff lift, getting geared up for brutal red run down in afternoon conditions through avalanche zone

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Looks like you had a great time. Now you're making me jealous. Oh well, 4 days to my final trip of the season!

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I started this thread about half a year back. Now a am looking on the beutiful pictures and being really nostalgic.In the end we landed in Zillertal and those were most beutiful 2 weeks this season! Did a short hop to Maierhofen.Next year (hopefully) definitely Lech!

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You and others on this thread, and people like epic and stanton and many others whose online names i cannot recall on the other thread where I had asked for a comparison of Lech-Zurs vs the Canadian Rockies and Utah etc were key in our decision to go there. What a choice, and the Hotel Montana was really nice for my son especially. Thanks much again for the info. Here is a link to some pics from the same trip i posted of my boy in action now:



we had a blast and folks here guided us to it.

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Thanks for the report!

It was just last year you posted video of your son. If I remember, at the begining of one he had a major explosion. Still, he had the "Go There" mentality - I even used him as an example in a thread.

Looks like he's really progessed nicely!

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Very good memory. Yes, my son at the end of Dec 07, came down a bit too fast for his abilities, and attempted to land on his south end but flipped and landed head-on! he has seen those 9 seconds many times and i believe it has left a "solid" impression on him, and he totally understands "Controlled Speed".

He has taken to the sport well and loves it, and Dad is now way behind but working hard to stay within visual range but now getting harder.


The video you refer to was our first real ski trip together, he began skiing in upstate NY in Dec06, (Dad finally got involved Feb08) and the folks (actually primarily the instructor kids) at Catamount's mountain cats program really did wonders for his love for the sport which is powerful and drives him.

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Video of our trip...just a tribute from a Dad to his son..(it is 9 minutes long ... )




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Here's the thing about this web-forum, it is a learning experience everyday. I never even heard of Vimeo till I saw it here and for I continue to remain grateful, got to figure out a way to support this web forum so that it stays as clever, helpful, witty and hilarious (sometimes) as always.


Like many others was getting irritated with YouTube/Google copyright battles with media companies - especially since the "Fair Use" doctrine seemed to be tossed to the wayside, where they keep blocking the music which I PAID for by purchasing on Itunes, and then the gall of it is then YouTube puts up the same track in a targeted ad to sell that track to me! Modern technology should be good enough for us to demonstrate/distinguish automatically that one has actually purchased the music, are not reselling and are simply putting it out there for private use albeit in a wider forum...anyway, here is the YouTube version...for kicks..Vimeo seems so much better, a bit like a Google for Video..



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Fantastic! Good to know you have had a great time there.

I can understand your excitement when you say about your ski experience with your boy.  I can't agree more with you. It's absolutely fantastic.


I have a boy, now 16yo. and can experience this feeling twice times. Two years ago at Tremblant, CA and last year at Stubai, Austria.

This last one, I may say with several similar points. Since we had stay on Neustift a very small city close to INnsbruck. In afamily hotel Alpen Fernau, where we were the first brasilian guests! Great food (can't remember the breads without get my mouth wet!) Fantastic hospitality too!


The ski experience was so close of yours. I bit hard, at least for me! Great terrain, huge, wide, etc. And, yee blues ther can seem like black ones in USA/Can.


Good memories! For the rest of our lives!!!




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Eduardo, i have to research Stubai now..best


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My wife and I have have skied the Stubai Glacier in July -- pretty good conditions. You take a gondola up from the valley to the glacier, and then a T-bar from there...


We stayed in Igls just outside of Innsbruck.

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Wow, from Nebraska to Stubai, is the Glacier big, the idea of skiing in summer really appeals...presumably gateway is Innsbruck, and what would be closest locale (i really dont like carrying skis) to the glacier, and can one ski for days on end...for lower intermediates like myself..

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Originally Posted by dustyfog View Post

Wow, from Nebraska to Stubai, is the Glacier big, the idea of skiing in summer really appeals...presumably gateway is Innsbruck, and what would be closest locale (i really dont like carrying skis) to the glacier, and can one ski for days on end...for lower intermediates like myself..

Stubai Glacier

We signed up for a van trip there. The place is probably good for a couple hours - just one wide straight trail on the glacier. I think the closest village is Neustift...we skied there about 10 years ago.


For the most summer skiing I hear Zermatt is the best. We went to the Alps again this past summer and opted for Chamonix instead of Zermatt. No lift served summer skiing in Chamonix but crazy mountaineering terrain. I did try skiing on the Jungfrau in Switzerland but they just have a super small handle tow area on top (too many crevasses on the glacier) for much of a summer skiing experience there. The train ride up there is really expensive, but you do get to go through the Eiger...



Aguille Du Midi - Chamonix, France  - June 2008


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What can I say???

Well, I'll do that based on my (little) experience.


For you who would like to go to Stubai. I don't know if there is the best Summer ski place. BTW, Winter is awesome!


1) Find a hotel at Neustift, 20 minutes away from the car parking and gondola to the slopes. We loved the Hotel Fernau. But you'll find several great hotels there. The main reason, at least for us, to chose for stay that place was about to enjoy the village, instead of nothing to do at the ski-in-and-out hotels!!!

Innsbruck is the biggest city close to the Neustift / Stubai with train station and airport. But far away for go-and-back every day( about a hour).


2) You may rent ski/boot at the booton or midle(Gamsgarten) of the Stubai mountain and they can keeping it for you at nite. I did it with Mr Albin at Olympia - http://www.skischule-neustift.com/frames/englisch/main_e.html . They have good equipment, skischool and better... excelent prices. Two blocks away of Fernau Hotel.


3) Stubai, Felpes, Neustift, etc, in fact is a big and beatfull valley and you'll can find several other(small) ski pistes.


We did the trip by car, strait from Paris. Not the best, we nkow! But not totaly crazy thing, for sure. We left Charles D'Gaule airport about 8AM and arrive to the Hotel 8:30PM, just in time for our first fantastic dinner.




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Here is the Stubai Glacier in July. The gondola gets you up the mountain - then it's just the t-bars for summer skiing. It was pretty socked in while we were there - but I suppose the view would have been quite spectacular if the clouds had cleared (which they never did).


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clever jpg, seeing trailmap very helpful. pics give image of distance. does one ski all the way back under those lift towers or the runs are further up the icefield. looks like a place to check out but hard to just go there so to speak. stubai probably should be part of a trip elsewhere, yes? the sort of trip edlam took with family appears ideal.

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Originally Posted by dustyfog View Post

clever jpg, seeing trailmap very helpful. pics give image of distance. does one ski all the way back under those lift towers or the runs are further up the icefield. looks like a place to check out but hard to just go there so to speak. stubai probably should be part of a trip elsewhere, yes? the sort of trip edlam took with family appears ideal.

The summer skiing is just along the t-bars (zoom in on trail map). In the summer the gondola just brings you up to the snow line. This isn't a destination ski resort in the summer -- just if you happen to be in the area...Winter is another story though...


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got it, thx

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Hi Dustyfog,


I don't know about Summer ski at Stubai. But Winter is awesome!!! In order to understand a Little from the trial map(you can also get a a detailed one from the Stubaier web page).  The first gondola will let you: to the left side to Eisgrat - to the right side, to Gamsgartem.


From Eisgrat, some great black and blue pistes and connections for the other side of the mountain.


From gamsgartem (middle) you can get several lifts t bar etc. To ski back to the bottom, just with a lot of snow, through the "Grub In" a fantastic of piste 14 Km long (we did it every end of the day! Cos you stop just few meters of you car at parking lot!!) .


And Yes, Absolutely!! You should think of Stubai as part of destination on a big trip!  We're planned a round trip starting at Paris, going to Stubai, to 5 days of ski, a day car trip of about 1000 Km(very close to Innsbruck a beautifully place to visit). From Stubai we drove south, to Venezia, after that, east-to-west to Luzern and back to Paris for few days and back to Brasil.


Europe, in fact, is full of possibilities and think about where to go and places to visit is ever hard choices. Even more, when you are 3, with different expectations! But at last everyone becomes happy!!








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for pure summer ski the best option will probably be on top of the stelvio pass in Italy, it's a glacier area only open in summer (so no winter season there).


Until the end of July it will still be possible to ski down to 2800 metres I believe with the snowfall of this winter.




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I wouldn't get too wound up about any of this glacier skiing, though, unless you're planning on doing it as a combination with some other travel. If you want to ski the Alps, save your shekls and do it in the winter or spring. I've got the Zermatt/Cervinia setup just a couple hours from me, but don't bother going anymore. You do it once or twice in your life, and that's kind of enough. I don't bring gear down from my mountain place (which has no lift-served summer skiing) for glacier days at Zermatt anymore. If you're training gates or testing equipment, sure. Otherwise, eh.

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get the drift here; its pretty and beautiful but kind of one-shot wonder for summer; if one is in the region, its a definite must but making an intercontinental trip just for skiing the glacier is kind of overkill.

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Originally Posted by dustyfog View Post

get the drift here; its pretty and beautiful but kind of one-shot wonder for summer; if one is in the region, its a definite must but making an intercontinental trip just for skiing the glacier is kind of overkill.

No! We are not making the trip for skiing. Since we'll cannot go in winter time we are wondering for the alternatives to get some ski as a plus.

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get the logic, edl, thx, makes eminent sense.


here, for laughs,

Road to ski-salvation is paved with impact..red run off rotschrofen lift under the juppenspitze


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You'll love Lech - we go every year. You have to take advantage of the fact that you can ski all the Arlberg resorts. From Lech, take the Rüfikopf gondola to Zürs. You can ski Zürs and back to Lech via the Madloch. Take the bus from Lech to Alpe Rauz and from there you can ski Stuben (lovely) and access St.Christoph and St.Anton. Lech is the best base. St.Anton is full of nutters that can't ski.
On powder days, you don't need to leave Lech, although some great off-piste is to be had in Stuben.
The most scenic piste runs can be found in Zürs. Try the Züser Täli and the red runs off the Trittkopf. Enjoy.
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