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AT Boots Question

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Someone suggested that I consider getting AT boots. I have some disabilities that make putting on and removing my Technica Achivas somewhat difficult and I have difficulty walking in them with them fully latched. I was told that AT boots are more flexible, easier to get into/out of and offer enough support for downhill skiing. Any comments?
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Everyhing you have said is true. They tend to be light, easy to walk in and warm. They also do not meet DIN standards (unless they have 2 different soles ala Garmont Adrenaline) and not many shops stock them, those that do are generally VERY limited in selection. Oh, and they are pricey.
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I agree with everything Whiteroom said except who cares if they don't meet DIN standards since Garmont has several models that do. They are no more expensive than a high performance alpine boot and you will have no problem finding them in Boston or most other places you go.

I am a regular boot fitting and alpine shop and Garmonts walk out the door everyday. Perfect for what you want.

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I agree with Lou, you can get DIN compatible AT boots and they only cost between $550 and $750, not pricey at all. I hear they grow on trees along the Charles, finding them will be EASY.
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Depends what you're coming out of. Just be prepared for the fact that AT boots are softer in all planes, including rearward and lateral. Sometimes you have to cheat and run a little more positive cuff alignment than would be 'proper' in order to gain some extra leverage and compensate for lateral deformation.

Frankly, I think they're great fun to ski in due to the increased mobility/freedom of movement which of course helps dynamic balance. The downside is sometimes increased muscular fatigue because there's less boot there to support you.
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or a alpine boot with a walk mode can help some of that too,

or a fulltilt is VERY easy to get on/off

the first thing, for ANY boot, is does it fit
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So there you have it. If paying as much for an AT boot as a high performance alpine boot bothers you don't buy one. If on the other hand you want what you said you want you'll love the AT.

The Garmonots ski great, are a fairly low volume fit so you won't be floating and ski well. They are somewhat softer than a high performance race boot but still once you are in them will see they are plenty stiff enough to ski well. We sell them well to all mountain skiers and to race course workers that use them on injected courses.

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