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Fischer Progresser

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I am interested in this ski and heard that it skis very length sensitive. Can anyone give some comments?
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Hi & welcome to Epic

I owned the 175cm last year. At my size, 230#'s, that length was good for me. It will make nice round turns in that size. I found it would produce a wider range of turn shapes than the 175cm WC RC that I had owned. Shorter turns required extra attention, but were doable. A great ski for faster skiing out west, I would want something a little more eager to make short turns if was skiing in Vermont.

I have not skied the 170cm size, Dawgcatching & BWin-PA own the 170cm size and have told me it's much quicker than the 175cm size.

What is your size/weight and where do you ski?

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I own the 175 and I skied both the 170 and the 175 before I bought mine. The 170 definitely has a tighter turn radius and it is easier to do shorter radius turns although the 175 with the tips pressured properly will carve reasonably tight turns. At the 170 it no longer feels to me like a cheater GS but depending on your height, weight and skiing style this may be preferable. The 170 is still quite stable at speed.
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I had it in the 175cm length and felt it skied short, I'm also about #225. If I were to buy again, I would opt for the 180cm. The Worldcup RC is a better ski in my opinion!
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