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just passed level 3 Alpine !!!!!!

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Just a note to all the Bears, who helped Oklahomaskibum get ready for his level 3 Alpine exam part II, (teaching). You should all know that not only did he PASS, BUT HE HIT THE BALL OUT OF THE PARK @ STOWE, VT, this past Mon.&Tues. He passed all four examiners under the new scoring system.On top of that conditions were Eastern bullet proof boiler plate. Go figure, it's been a great season for snow back East !!!!!!!!!

As one of his personal coaches, I would like to thank all of you in contributing to the original thread that tim posted last October.

Thanks Again.

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It's a wonderful accomplishment and one that both of you should be very proud of. Only someone who is attempting to progress in the PSIA cert process can realize how much time,expense and work is involved.

I salute both of you!
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Congrats OKSkiBum..

Thanks for the Update...

Glad we could help..
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Congrates OkSB, nice job.
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Outstanding! Way to go. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Great job-welcome to the club!!!

Remember, you've only just begun. Never grow tired of learning and trying to improve. : :
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Great job! congrats.
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What does that mean? What is level three? In Canada, the CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance) has four instructor levels. How many levels are in the American system?

The CSIA / CSCF website is:
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Congrats, OKskibum!!! (I took mine at Stowe also, but in March mush and mud in '96). That's the only time I have been there. it's a great place.

As was previously said, now it's time to really start learning for YOU.

Powderh. PSIA Levl 3 is equivalent to CSIA level 4.
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Congratulations to both of you. As a level 3
trainor at our Area, we take much pride in the pro`s with whom we work. It`s not pass or fail--it`s only a question of time. In fact the learning process begins NOW. We send our new 3`s to the beginners bowl as a fun custom, just for a sense of reality---
congrats again------larry c
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Well done !!!
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Just go easy at lineup. Remember that every time you turn into the sun that flash of gold is gonna blind the rest of us mortals.
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JohnH - There is a big difference between PSIA 3 and CSIA 4. I would say the 3s are equal at both, as they are both ISIA, but the PSIA has nothing like a Level 4. Each year about a hundred people take the exam, and about four pass. I think it is much more like the Austrian "Stadtlicher" (sorry I have no idea how to spell that) certification that also has no US equal. PSIA certification is not nearly as expensive, time consuming, or demanding skiing wise as many other organizations. This is one of the big reasons so many Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, etc. come to the US to get certification.
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1. Please don't say that too loud Spinheli or they'll take the PSIA-IIIs' ISIA stamps away and we'll have to buy lift tickets at Chamonix.

2. Certification difficulty is still a regional thing. Level III in NRM is very difficult to achieve, judging from the pass rates.

3. I have examined Austrian certified pros challenging PSIA Level III, and I can attest to their mastery of ALL the criteria.
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Congratulations to you both Whtmt and OKSkiBum!

As far as PSIA and CSIA go, both recognize Level 3 as "full-certified." The CSIA Level 4 is essentially a trainer's certification, from which they select clinicians and examiners, and it is substantially higher than Level 3. Each PSIA region has something equivalent, but it is not usually called "Level 4." In the Rocky Mountain Division of PSIA we have Trainer's Accreditation. Many refer to it as "Level 4," which is exactly what it is, but it is not nationally recognized.

This is all just one more reason why I wish we still just had a standard known as "Certified." It was this way once--instructors who attained what OKSkiBum has attained, which we now call "Level 3," were "Certified Instructors." Lesser levels were known as "registered," and "associate" (Level 2). There is, of course, no end to the number of "levels" we could identify--there is no "top." But somewhere along the line is a standard that is worth recognizing as "certified." As others have mentioned, it is something to be proud of, but it is also just a milestone--and a new beginning!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks goes out to the whole gang! I have not been on-line in quite a while do to reading other materials and getting a lot of time on the hill but the help that you all offered was great and it did contribute in some of the teaching peices that I used in the exam. Also a big thanks to WHTMT, he played a big role in getting me ready for this exam.
Thanks again!
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