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New member - need some advice!!

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Hi, would be grateful for some advice. This year will be third season and considering buying skis. Have skied 3 weeks in total - 2 hours tuition a day, but am cautious intermediate at best. Have had back op this year which has not helped the confidence (although was not skiing induced). We ski in Europe - Italy mainly, blues and reds (still get scared on steep reds) just starting to carve for the majority of the time!! Have been looking at 2 skis - the K2 K9 Tru Luv and the Head Cool thang / Cool one. Have heard the Tru luv is heavy - is this true? Am female, 57kg and 1m64 (127lbs, 5'5"), need confidence boost, smooth ski, easy to turn and not too much hard work (am I asking too much??) - Would be keeping skis for a bit so would be good to have something I can progress with - are the True Luv and Cool one the right skis? if so which one?? Other recommendations greatly recieved. CHeers!!
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Welcome to Epic...I am not familiar with those skis, but you might get more responses if you posted in ski gear instead of special deals. Could also try searching the site.
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Moved over to Gear, you will get a better response here.
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Thanks for the thorough information. I think you're on the right track with the True luv, and the Head Cool thang, I think there are some other skis out there to consider for your short list. But first.........will you have a chance to demo?
If you can demo, you should definitely consider the Blizzard Viva G3
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Some K2's are fairly heavy but the Tru Luv is one that is not. Thr Tru Luv is a best seller every year because it is easy and smooth. I'd say it is a pretty darned good value ski. I can't comment on the Head model other than to say that many Head models are on the stiff side of the range. That's not necessarily bad, just different.

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unfortunately not going to get chance to demo - hopefully getting all clear to ski in Feb post CT scan- going start March (with luck!!) for extended 10 day shoop!
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whoops - reply seems to be original mail - still a bit new to this.

Unable to demo - Hopefully will get all clear from Spinal Surgeon in Feb post CT scan - then aiming to go early March - for 9-10 days - if everything ok!!
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Hope it goes well. I've spent quite a bit of time skiing in northern Italy: Corvara, Cortina, Araba. Since the conditions in these resorts are variable, I think a ski like the True Luv should meet your needs in most of the conditions that you will find. You might also consider one of the Dynastars, like the Exclusive Legend or maybe you can get a good deal on an Elan like the Wave Magic--I have a friend who skis and loves them (though she mostly skis them in Sweden). Ithink you should stay somewhere in the mid-70s in width.
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My wife found the Cool Thang to be light and quick, not as stiff as she expected, great edges but not particularly stable in crud. If the Tru Luv is like all the other K2's, it's preternaturally smooth and stable, forgiving, very versatile, probably hard to beat for your needs and your back. Gets nothing but strong reviews everywhere season after season.

And if your surgery was for a disk, be sure to work on your obliques. Oddly, more important for back support than either lower back muscles or front abs. Slow crunches to each side work best. Good luck!!
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Thankyou - starting physion nxt week - surgeon aware that I want to be back on the slopes this season - have had a disc replacement and fusion - should be healed sufficiently by then! Will aim for the K2s - thanks !!!
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