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What are they?

Is this some strange Americanism or am I just ill informed?

PS Down this part of the world a gaper might be someone from Garmisch Partenkirchen.

PPS Can I change my name to The Editer?

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English translation = "a Nob"

Cheers DB.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by EnglishDan:
English translation = "a Nob"

Cheers DB.

ganz genau
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by EnglishDan:
What are they?

Vhy don't you try und look around in zis gapicski forum to see some fine gaper specimens...I'm not naming names but zis should be a goot start.

Gaper = Punter = Kook
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I've never been there but I heard Hollywood was full of 'em
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While all of the traits of the gaper in the earlier posts are accurate, they don't explain the etymology of the term: A gaper is a guy (or bird) that stands at the top of a cornice above a shoot or on a ridge that leads to some tasty powder and gapes while you fly by and launch one into the pow-pow thus poaching their line and shaming them back onto the cat track.

But... we all start out as gapers!
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I am a gaper.

I gape in awe at better skiers, (then try to learn from what I've seen)

I gape in horror at those who should be taking lessons (or staying at home)

And I gape in wonder at some of the beautiful creatures you meet on the slopes and in the bars.
Although some mornings I gape in horror at the ugly creature I wake up beside. I'm sure they were better looking the night before.

This normally happens when my bed is next to a mirror.


Hola. Mi nombre es Inigo Montoya. Usted mató a mi padre. Prepárese para morir.
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After doing a little half-assed research on this subject I believe it's a word meant to convey a combination of two other words.

Tourist + Poseur = Gaper

Apparently, wearing something called a "Bogner" is instant qualification.
I gather that a Bogner is some sort of outer garment that I suspect is a good deal more expensive than the Wal*Mart overalls I ski in.
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My personal favorite is the distant cousin to the Gaper - the Spore. Spores (or "Stupid People on Rental Equipment") tend to also wear jeans, tucked into their ski boots as far as they'll go, and don't always take a lesson when they really should. Logos found on Spore club jackets (in eastern Canada anyway) include Ski-Doo, Yamaha, and Polaris.

And, of course, all that rant is just in good fun.

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Where the fux that?
What film is that line from? I remember it as being excellent I just can't remember the name.
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The Princess Bride by S. Morgenstern
Written by William Goldman - the guy that did Marathon Man!

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all good discriptions except comments about clothing, I seen plenty of one piecers who could rip, and duct tapers too, I have a rule when you go to a new area you have never been to before, get in line early than look for the young man with the most duct tape on his person gloves pants, jacket ,than follow him for best stashes if you can keep up.

unless you started skiing at 3 years old you all have been gapers
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by 360dave:

unless you started skiing at 3 years old you all have been gapers

No, Nein, Nyet!

Being a gaper does not necessarily correspond to beginner ski ability... I hef seen many beginners charge straightlines und do big jumps onto flaat und explode nto yard sale.....alzough zey have developing skill zey are definitely not gapers.

Nor are ze jeans types alvays gapers. I hef recently rode on lift next to old guy vith circa 1970 skis, jeans unt he vas able to noodle down ze black run vit classic 70s style.

On ze converse side I hef seen gapers vith brand new K2 Mod X/ Salomon Pilot, North Face outfit, driving a luxury SUV, yakking on 2-way radio. sipping latte... yet can barely make turns down blue run. Zis is a classic Bay Area gaper.

Gaping is a state of mind, It just so happens zat zere are a high proportion of skiers vith such state of mind in zese here forum, und in ze Bay Area

So long as zey stay out of Arnie's poder stash und steeps zen I hef no problem vith them. Gape on....

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thats the perfect gapper people with no skill
hucking , yard selling than back at the lodge tell every about the 40ty footer he did (actually 5 footer)if you cant land it it dont mean nothing anyone can fall.
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It is much more of a behavioral thing than dress or even technical skiing proficiency.

Common Gaper behavior <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI> You ignore the slow vehicle turnouts on the road up the mountain
<LI> You nag your spouse and kids on the hill
<LI> You walk through crowded areas with your skis horizontally over you shoulder, esp. when you make a quick turnaround to nag your spouse.
<LI> Excessive schooling, milling, moping around the lift entrances and top ramps.
<LI> You panic if you separate from your party as you have no idea how you’ll ever regroup
<LI> You order your kids to wear a helmet, but refuse to do so yourself.
<LI> You are drunk by noon.
<LI> You kick up a big rooster-tail when you stop so you can spray your friends
<LI> You are obsessed with who is truly worthy to be on your mountain (gapers, boarders, spores, snowlerbladers, monoskiers)
<LI> You format long lists when you reply to topics like this [/list]
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unless you started skiing at 3 years old you all have been gapers[/QB]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

How true!
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How about people who spell it "gapper"?

That's a spark plug tool.
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I agree with Arnold,
it's nothing to do with skills, rather with attitude.
I'd better elaborate a bit.
If one is a beginner, then is a beginner, nothing bad about it.
But, if I, as beginner/intermediate/whatever start acting (on the slopes) and talking as if I were an expert, or the best know-it-all
in the whole world, then, I'm a gaper.

360Dave and, if you started at 6?
Do still qualify as gaper?

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what i meant is everyone has been a gaper if they didn't start early. because when you first learn to ski you have know idea of whats going on how to act etc,but at 3 how can you go wrong,

both my kids started at 2 and a half and I think they would classify most people that ski once a year at a resort for 6 days as gapers, they get in the way. are my kids mountain snobs yea, but they never got on people they just think the mountains their home. they been getting 65 75 days a year for 13 years.
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Coming soon: A picture of me in my Bogner hat, holding my Volant skis, next to my Mountaineer. Maybe I can get my wife to pose in her (real) fox hat. :
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This could be the start of another topic.

Photos of the fox hat.
Or maybe photos that make you say
Wear the fox hat?
Who the fox hat?

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OK, some posts are funny, but some of you are taking the gaper issue too seriously. Why on earth would you consider a tourist that vacations at a resort for a few days a gaper? That is a terrible attitude.

If I go to Whistler on vacation then should I be considered a gaper? I remember night-skiing at Mont-Saint-Anne this holiday and talking to another person from Ontario about the conditions while riding the gondola. We shared the ride with 3 kids (14-15 years old) who were obviously local and spoke in French. I speak some French but I was not paying attention to them, but my wife, who is French, understood what they said and told me about it later. I could not believe that they said that they are tired of all the tourist-gapers coming to their mountain. Incredible attitude from a bunch of snot-nosed kids with skills that were even worse than their attitudes.

And one more thing: just because some of us started late in life it does not mean that we have been gapers. Many of us come from other sports, we are in decent shape and we are mature. We know how to behave and we are past the show-off stage. We also bring money to this industry and we would appreciate if locals dropped some of the superior attitude. :
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So, if I, a local skier, who skis for 50-60 days a year, and I feel am pretty good, and have been skiing since I was 3, go to Jackson Hole on the annual pilgramige, am I a gapper? Whatever, thats fine.

I like saying gaper, or gapper, people look at me funny when I say it out loud to my computer at work. Gaper, hehe..
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All I know is this...
gapers are a lot like VISA.

They're "everywhere you want to be"...
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People that side slip an entire steep slope (just so they say they skied a black or blue run)would qualify as gapers in my book and make the run icy as hell. A good place to see this would be Rossis run at Copper under the Super Bee.

By the way how can side slipping an entire run be any fun?
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read what I said my 15, 16 year old kids think
all rec skiers are gapers. they simple view people as flatlanders or not, they dont mean someone that skis 50 or 60 days and goes to resorts 5 or 6 days a year, or just their home mountain. it is like dont trust anyone over 30 used to be. quit taking so serious.

i also said previous post we all were gappers
at one time
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OK, that's it...
break it up...

y'all are for damn sure overthinking this topic now and taking all the fun out of it.

stop posting, let it die, and go wax your skis you lazy bums!
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This probably makes me one of them, but I've only seen this term in print. Is it "GAP-er" or "GAPE-er"?
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As in "mouth a-gape" in astonishment at what a really good skier looks like.
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