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Salomon liners

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Quick question for the boot gurus.

How long should I be expecting a pair of salomon liners to last before they start to pack out really badly. (to the point of needing remedial action). Not quite a hypothetical. Boots are x-wave 9s, and lasted about 35 days before they started to give me shin bang from liner reduction. heading back to oz in a few weeks with said boots, and i'm wondering if i should complain to the local ski shop?

thanks in advance
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I don't think complaining is the thing to do? This "packing out" is quite the norm and varies with the materials used in the liners and the kind of skiing they are put through. The shop you purchased the boots from will probably help you out with adjusting the fit as part of their fit guarantee? The X Wave 9 is a couple seasons out of production so did you just buy them this past season?

The Xwave series is a relatively higher volume shell. I don't know the volume of your feet or the sizing that was done by the shop so I can not comment on this parameter. I can say that the closer to the shell your foot is positioned and the less material between your foot and the shell, usually results in less packing and a longer lasting fit. This also means that extra effort in the original fitting needs to be done to sculpt and shape the shell to best match your feet's unique shape because the thinner liner does not offer as much padding to mask these issues.

So, to your solution, you could replace the stock liners with some aftermarket models, you could begin adding shims and pads to your stock liners to fill voids (ie: tongue shims, bontex insole shims, etc), or you could reevaluate how well your foot is actually matched to the shell and possibly choose a closer match?

Hope this helps a bit.

Hey! and welcome to Epicski
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i think Bud sums that up quite nicely, i would expect a little more than 35 days , but if the shape doesn't match your foot perfectly or there is something else going on then these issues will occur, have a chat with the store and see what they are able to do to assist you in making them fit better
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Thanks Bud. noted. there will be no complaining! I bought the boots last year in Oz, had them professionally fitted by a very competent boot fitter (or so it seemed) and was super happy with them to start. They are a very 'tight' fit, so i think the shell size is correct. But you've definitely answered my question though. It sounds like I should make the effort of taking boots back with me to Oz to see the local ski shop. I'm only going for a quick see the family trip before heading back to bc so was wondering if i should bother lugging them back and forth.

And thanks for the welcome. long time lurker steps forth!
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Originally Posted by beeman View Post
. Boots are x-wave 9s, and lasted about 35 days before they started to give me shin bang from liner reduction.
FYI: usually shin bang is not caused by liner reduction or packing out.

Is the shin pain a vertical line on the front of the shin? or a horizontal line on the top of the boot?

you only have one, single, thin ski sock in the boot right? (not pant cuffs, thermals, ankle bracelets etc)

sometimes doing the boots up a bit tighter on the upper cuff will help, or an "eliminator tongue" as well.
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