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Time for new skis - suggestions please!

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I'm looking to you equipment gurus for opinions on my next pair of skis. This will be for a "single-ski quiver". My skiing will be done in VT, NH, ME, primarily on-piste. Here's my data:
  • 5'8", 175lbs, athletic, 50 yr old male
  • level 6 to 7 skier (steeps OK, no bumps, no trees)
  • current ski: 2003 (?) Atomic Beta Ride 8.20
  • current boot: 2005 Salomon XWave 8.0
I don't have any particular brand loyalty. I also have not yet formed an opinion on "flat ski" vs "binding system".

Suggestions welcome! Thanks.
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There are dozens of skis that could work really well for you. Given your stated terrain preferences, you don't need a wide ski by any means. I'd say that you are in the average range for weight and ability so I'd suggest you stay away from the most agressive skis. Three that I think are good choices in the 74mm (ish) width range are the Fischer Red Heat, Atomic Highnoon and the Volkl AC-20. I test and review over 60 skis every year and these stand out as very good values with good performance.

If you were to step up a bit in width and agressiveness level you could consider the Nordica Nitrous and the Atomic Blackeye. Both are 78mm wide and are about as wide as you'll need for your stated goals. The Nitrous is smooth and stable with good grip and dampening and medium energy. The Balckeye is lighter and quicker with outstanding grip but is less damp and takes a skier with a little more game.

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Wow, this is a blank slate to write on!
Knee jerk response from me says, Blizzard 7.6

A nice ski I had a couple years ago, in that range, is the nordica nitrous.(78 w)
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agree blizzi 7.6/ac 20

both great skis, couldnt go wrong with either.
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Go Blizzard or go HOME!

Check with alpine high, Billings, MT, there might be some last year's models left...

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It might be worth to note that he also skis the east...
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Progressor 8+
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do have last years

I have both last years ac 20 and last years blizzi 7400, both need to go away , so Id sell them cheap
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S/S: I'm a pretty close match for you in height, age, and weight, maybe not "athletic" but I do like trees and bumps. I got a pair of Fischer AMC79 skis in 170cm length last year, and they are phenomenal. Super bite on ice, light and quicker than the sidecut would lead you to expect. In crud you have to drive the tips a bit as they do get deflected more than some other skis that can just plow through junk, but overall very nice all around skis. Had them on boilerplate at Sugarbush, and 18" deep powder in the trees at PowderMtn. in Utah. Handled it all well. I'll buy a second pair as back-up if I can find them.
Nice thing about the rail systems (at least on the Fischers) is you can shift the bindings fore or aft a few centimeters with one screw. Might help if you end up in powder for a day.
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Thanks, everyone, for the replies!
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