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Monster im78 length?

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Anybody know the recommended length for weight regarding Head Monster im78's?
I'm 210-220 lbs and was wondering if the 183 might be a bit too long? I've spent a fair bit of time on the im77's at 177 but have an oppurtunity to get a pair of 183's.
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Knowing your height and skill level would be helpful but 177 is likely about right.
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I'm 6'3" and ski all over the mountain (except park) preferring the off-piste . According to the charts, i'm in the 6/7 range. As mentioned, I'm very familiar with the im77 chip & non-chip@177. have an ebay oppurtunity for a pair of im78's@183
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I say go for it.
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Also think the 183 would right for you. Im about 200 lbs and ski the 183
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go for the 183's

I'm 6' and 200#, and a level 6. I ski the 183's, and have not looked back at the 177's.

Since I use it for when there has not been much new snow, I put on the RF bindings to lean it more to the on-piste side. They still rock to boot-high snow, though.
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I recall that Dawgcatching, who's about 150 something - but obviously a strong skier - reviewed both the 171 and 177, said he'd buy the longer length because not that much agility was lost versus stability gained.
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Get the 183...
I,m 155, and ski the 177 with ease, and found the 171 too turny...
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I'm i crazy ?  5'11' 160lbs and thinking of getting the new Peak 78 in 183....  To get longer turn and more stability in all sort of conditions.... I am a very strong skier who like to go fast and mostly do GS turns.... The only concern is If I would loose the pleasure of doing smaller turns with clients on blue and green runs while teaching.....???

Thanks you for the feedback !
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I'm 220lbs in my gear, have the 183 in that exact ski, am a developing skier (30-40 days) and it's been all good.  I've the Railflex II binding and it's been a revelation - forward and backward 15mm with the flick of a philips head.  Forward for hardpack, middle for soft snow and back for a bit of powder.  Perfect all mountain ride.  I say go for it.
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