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'07-'08 season casualties - ready for this season?

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Num, Snowfan et al...how was your summer? All go okay in rehab and ready for the new season?

I twisted my leg funny walking around an old mountain cemetery a couple of weeks back (one of the things my wife and I do during the summer months.. ) and I'm getting a twinge right where my tibial plateau fracture was located last March. My ortho cut me loose end of June, but I'm keeping my brace handy. My MCL hurts a little most days, but the rehab folks said it would.

Snowmaking at Loveland due to start in a week and half - a little nervous, but I've been walking 20 miles a week and doing 50 - 100 180lb leg presses, 5 nights a week. Hope that'll be enough.
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I was a little antsy this time of the year after spending the previous season and half the summer in casts and boots from blowing out an Achilles tendon the third day of skiing, but the first time I got off a lift and started sliding again, all was well within the first couple hundred yards.

Don't forget to stretch.
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I am thinking I will be OK, abs are still adjusting a little to the mesh but it's stretching out OK. Adductors and quad muscle that tore are weak but building in strenght. I actually ran 2, 12 minute miles this weekend. I was pretty sore the next AM in the groin area but it's all good.
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Almost ready for this season...


Summer has been great, thanks for asking. I have been away for awhile, first a blown monitor, then had to work in Dallas for a couple weeks.

All went well in official rehab, but since I have no insurance, I have had to do the bulk of rehabbing on my own. Found a Skiers Edge machine at a garage sale...like it alot. Starting on cardio now...thats my weak spot. I've lost 30 pounds, 20 to go...trying to go from 217 to 167. I figure my knees will appreciate lugging 50 pounds less.

I hope your tibial fracture is OK...my leg also hurts a bit daily...less and less as time goes by. I had my hamstring autograft on April 10th, 5 months and a week ago. Leg feels good...not great. ROM is normal, strength is down quite a bit.

I bought new ski's...Rossi B78's in 182, a nice, smooth, light ski for this season. Shooting for 30 days on the hill this year, half Taos, half Telluride. Might even head up to Summit Co.

Like Kneale said...I'm a little antsy too, sure don't want to foul-up my graft.

Like Finndog said, I too think it will be OK.

This season I will have insurance...last season cost a fortune.

Hope you are all doing well and seriously hitting your pre-season workout routine.
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Snowfan, Great to hear you are doing well! Although my knee(acl graft) still hurts at times, it is fine. Been rideing my bike alot this summer and went hiking for the first time(since surgery)this past weekend.
I soooo look foward to making those first runs down the mountain. Looks like Appl Ski Mtn in NC will be the first one to open around here. They put more guns up this summer and added more capacity to their reservoir. Yea, I know that you other folks that get more natural snow think that sucks(and your right), but thats all we got. Well take care and do well this season.
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Dave, Eric and all, nice to hear you guys have been healing up well!

I'm on the road as well. I just scraped 4 months post op, so I'm not getting cleared to ski for a bit. ROM has been great and strength is coming along well. My ortho has a strict rehab protocol that's conservative compared to some, so there are a lot of things I'm not supposed to do yet, but I'm sucking it up and following directions on that one cuz there's no arguing with his stability results.

Great job shedding the extra weight, Snowfan. I've gotten generally out of shape and packed on pounds while losing muscle (a weird feeling) in the early post op period. Plus it's Ramadan, and my metabolism always slows down, putting a few pounds on. I figure once I'm cut loose, I'll get back on the attack and let my body re-balance itself. I'll be so happy to ski and ride (horses) and skate and swim and the like, it ought to be like an exercise fest.

As for the upcoming season, it'll be a while before it gets underway here. I see my ortho next on Monday, and am delivering him strength test results from pt. I'll be asking him if I'm on track and likely to be ready to ski when the snow flies (rather, snow guns shoot ).

I wonder if I'll be wussy about starting skiing back up. I'm really excited for the season to come, and to be able to ski again, but I the idea of blowing my knee right back out is ridiculous. I wonder if I'll be more aware of/concerned with the frequently bulletproof icy conditions. I'm thinking to deal with what concerns I can by building up hamstrings of steel and starting the season off with a one hour private lesson.

Salomon- I can't imagine knocking the man made. Snow guns are a godsend!
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It's ok to be a wuss about your first few times back out. I would say that it's more normal to be nervous than not.

We're going to the Gathering this February, so I have a little while to get some miles under my belt. There's a womens clinic during the week that I plan to attend, and hopefully I'll get the willies out of my system before we go.

I'm 5 months post op from having the rod removed, and it still aches when I overdo things, but it's getting better. Some days are better than others.

I had 11 days of PT for the initial break, and absolutely none for the rod removal. I find it odd that I was told I don't need PT. I don't feel that strong and have trouble kneeling- climbing stairs and walking in general isn't where it used to be, either- but I have no basis for comparison as to what I should be doing, so perhaps I am Wonder Woman after all.

No matter, I still intend to have a good season and hope that the weather cooperates. The grass was cold enough on my bare feet walking in the yard last night at 6:30 to give me hope of that.
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num-starting off easy is the right way to go. There's a difference between starting off easy with confidence and sticking to terrain that is well within your comfort zone and then expanding as you feel you can and being a wuss. Good plan and way to go.
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