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Bode Miller on top of the World!

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Kranjska Gora, Slovenia--

After winning his second giant slalom, Bode Miller is now on top of the men's overall World Cup standings, the first time the top spot has been occupied by an American since Phil Mahre in 1983. Bode also leads the Giant Slalom standings.

This was the third straight victory for the American men's team--two for Miller, and one for Daron Rahlves in the Downhill in Bormio.

Maybe even more amazing than that, this is the seventh race in a row that was NOT won by an Austrian.

After years of truly poor showings, it's great to see the American men's team finally showing some real results!
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It is great for american ski racing to have an athlete doing so well, and all so for ski racing as a whole because, as even the European racers understand, having an American winning world cup races is good for business.

The question now is will Bode bring others up the ladder with him. The last time the US was experiencing this level of success was during the days of Phil and Steve, but unfortunatey their success did not pull the rest of the team up along with them. That left a situation in which when they retired the team was left pitifuly weak. The Mahre's were very much on their own program and maybe the disconnect with the rest of the team had something to do with it, but lets hope things will be different this time around. I think we have some good talent in the pipe line, and Eric still has the potential to be on the podium in any race if he can find his confidence again (I coached Eric a bit when he was a kid racing in NY so I have a special interest in his career) so I think the building blocks are there to see it happen.

Yea, Austria hasn't won a race in a while, but even in those races they still have 6 or 7 guys in the top 10. I think being able to shadow Herman during training was a great asset to those guys so hopefully Bode will be a similar catalyst for us.
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Yes, let's hope it's contagious! Unlike Phil and Steve Mahre, Bode seems to be very supportive of the US Ski Team and its coaches and programs, so maybe there is a difference.

Eric Schlopy finished fourth in the recent GS, so we very nearly did have two Americans on the podium. Between Eric and Daron Rahlves and Bode Miller, I'd be surprised if we don't see two on the podium at some point this season. Finally, the US team is not only winning a few races, but showing some depth as well!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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It really stinks that World Cup races aren't on a US network or ESPN sports. :
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The best coverage in the US is on OLN network, they're carrying about 20 world cup alpine events this season. Unfortionatly that network is not available through cable service in all markets areas. I believe they will be airing the GS Bode won today tomorrow at 4pm
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Actually you will see the slalom tomorrow. OLN did in fact show the GS today. Check http://www.skiracing.com/tv_guide/ for schedule.

Regarding the GS race, Schlopy would easily taken second if it had not been for the serious mistake at the top in his second run. The recent wins have really shaken the Europeans. Seeing Eberharter today was strange. Granted he is coming back from injury, but he looked totally lost, being that he always seems to be so aggressive and in control. Go Bode, but be a little careful in the downhills. I would hate to see him get injured now and fall out of the race for the overall. It is great to see him score points in all events.
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Thanks for the update, damn I missed it. I was working off and old schedule, guess I'd better print off and updated one.
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Guess Rossignols aren't that bad after all huh?
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Rossignol, Fischer, K2, ?, with Bode, I don't know if it matters. He is fantastic in releasing the turn and keeping the momentum going downhill.
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While watching a friends kid going for the glory in a regional race, I saw Bode finish off his junior racing career at Sugarloaf. He smoked the rest of the field by a few seconds and finished the last two gates - backwards - just for the fun of it. It was the first time i've seen someone so superior (for the lack of a better word) amongst their peers. It wasn't a stretch to guess he'd do alright in the racing world. It was a stretch, however, to guess that someday he'd be on top of the world. Cool!
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