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jeep pro ski/board

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A few weeks ago I posted regarding the mixed ski and board racing sponsored by Jeep. I couldn't help noticing that they never posted the actual times. A few skiers do the "GS" course and a few boarders follow (dual course head to head). They only post the winners difference heat by heat.

As such you could never determine how the ski times varied against the boarder times. I suspected a marked diference that would not go favorably (read ... look very good), for the board crowd.

My son and I used a stopwatch for this weeks event. Not the "best way", but averages play out in statistics.

Average ski time ... about 30.8

Average board time .... about 35.2

Four plus seconds is a pretty big spread over a thirty second course that was run on a very easy blue/green run.

Now project what would happen if boarders had to run a World Cup course on WC terrain from GS, SG and all the way to DH or, handle a tight flush in SL?

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how many of the snowboarders had "carving" boards and boots? (they wear hard boots similar to skiers)... REAL snowboard racers wear the carving gear and ride different boards with a different stance.

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Kieli: This was (or appeared to be) a higher level event of the pro circuit, one of the skiers was Tommy Moe a past US Ski Team member, and many were billed as top riders from the US and Europe.

When these guys are playing for a tidy purse on national TV, you have to assume that they come to win.
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You did not respond to Kieli's question.

Alpine boards are much more competitive in a gate course than soft boots and freeride/freestyle boards.

If they were out for the cash one would assume alpine setup--they would be at a tremendous disadvantage if they were not so equiped.

That would be like a head to head slolom with one on SL ski's and the other on DH boards. Not a true comparison.
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Yes, i saw it too and they did have those special raceing setups on thier boards. You could tell by their stance and i believe they showed their boots clearly at times. Also i dont think anyone would enter a pro racing event without the proper equipment anyway
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skier_j: I guess I didn't understand her question and I have to admit that I would not know a racing board even if I tripped over it.

The foremat of the races is a gentle "GS" type course run side by side. Two skiers run and times are "compared". Two boarders run and times are "compared" .... but only the difference is posted between the two racers, something like "he won by 1.38 seconds, instead of posting the total time to run the course ..... something like 29.91 for the average skier and 35.02 for the average boarder.

What the marketing "media" have done is taken a "non-event" and tried to capture a dual audience. The "course" is easier than many of the NASTAR courses and way easier than the courses run by my thirteen year old J-3.

Now, at the same time, a real WC event is being run but not televised. This is like interrupting the Indy 500 to bring you the highlights of the local soap-box derby.

The real WC guys put it on the line and at great risk, not to mention the intense training and dedication ... only to be ignored. Lastly, there is no way that the board crowd could go out and play with the big dogs on a real SG or DH course (at least that's the feeling I'm starting to get), so the market boys have to show some kind of racing is happening in order to push product. These events are "laundered" and are more akin to the "reality" pap like the "bachelor & blind date" stuff.

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Can't say I disagree with your assessment of a concocted event to sell merchandise, sound like something made for TV.

I misunderstood the format as well, I thought it was head to head ski vs board. I suppose it depends on the respective athletes, but I'm not surprised that skier's are faster than even alpine or carving board riders. Based on my original assumption that each race was mixed ski and board, the boarder is at a disadvantage from the start.

Now, back to the format you described, how was the winner eventually determined? Largest differential? Sounds a bit like a handicap golf tournament.
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It was heat by heat elimination, with a ski winner and a board winner. There was no ski versus board heat. :
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