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2008-2009 Resort Rankings - Page 6

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Are you in the band or just like them a lot?
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Originally Posted by exracer View Post
Huh??? The Calgary airport is third busiest in Canada and rated one of the top airports in the world with direct connections from most major cities in North America and many in Europe. It's a piece of cake to get there.
I'm a Canadian, raised in Vancouver, so no offense intended.

While Calgary may be #3 in Canada, it's tiny by comparison to most major US airports. I travel 50% of the time, and fly everywhere in the US. Trust me, Calagary is equivalent to a regional airport.

More importantly, you cannot get direct connections to Calgary from many American cities. And, if you can, the cost is in the stratsophere.

Flying to Calgary is easy, and inexpensive in Canada. Not so from the US.
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Though there are direct flights from Europe (not from Milan, unfortunately).
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