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Fact or fiction

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Sept 12, 2008

Hi Bears:

The following tale for which I'm going to recount was published in a skiing magazine (Ski or Skiing) many years ago as a "story". However, it has the "sound" and "feel" of truth to it. I'm going to ask you to decide or respond to whether it is fact or fiction.

While skiing, a beautiful woman skier had to answer the call of nature. Finding a concealed location, she carefully peeled off her expensive one piece outfit and got ready to go on with her business. The only thing was she didn't align her skis in the proper direction so that she began to slide down the slope. Because of the way the outfit draped around her knees, she couldn't arrest herself. While picking up speed, she passed under a chairlift to the hoots and hollers of many admirers above. She finally came to a grinding halt in some trees. Bruised and embarrassed, she was rescued by the friendly ski patrol. After being treated for some cuts and bruises she was wheeled into the recovery room. While there, she saw a guy in the bed next to hers with a broken arm and leg. Making polite chit chat, she inquired how he managed to injure himself. He said: "It was the darndest thing. I've never seen anything like it before. I was on this chairlift with a buddy when from out of nowhere this attractive lady comes speeding down the slope "but" naked. I was so surprised that I fell out of the chair."

So now you know the rest of the story a la Paul Harvey.

True or false?

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Happens to me in Aspen all the time.
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