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Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel

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Is the new 09 version of this ski the same as the 08?

The new one (09) has a different binding, right? Or is this just some of the other Nordica skis?....Is the new binding made by Marker and relabeled Nordica?

The review in Ski Magazine lists this ski in the 'All Mountain Expert' category and 'Best in Bumps'.

This makes this ski particularly interesting to me....For use in WV.
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Been on the Top Fuel for 3 seasons and I'm not good enough in bumps to tell you their capabilities there, but they're FANTASTIC everywhere else. I ski bumps on them fairly often and can say that while I struggle it's definitely not the skis fault.

Holds a terrific edge, blast through crud and excellent in powder for their width.

The bindings are new this season and I read somwhere that they're Nordica, but can't confirm and the XBS binding system is now integrated into the ski instead of a plate on top.
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The new bindings are VIST. I liked mine in bumps, btw.
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The new binding interface setup on the TF is the X-Balance "full-integrated" This was only on the Hellcat and some Speed Machines for last year. This is a different and pretty complex structure that invloved milling the center of the core for a Titanium I beam. As a sidelight, it reduces material down the center of the ski in the extremeties thereby reducing weight.

The Nordica models that I tested last spring, did feel more nimble than their predecessors including the TF.

But BEST in bumps?.....wellllll......I dunnoboutdat.

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Originally Posted by epic View Post
I liked mine in bumps, btw.
I like mine in the bumps, too. But many or even most don't. It is not a good bump ski unless you like a stiff ski with side cut, both of which are not hallmarks of a good bump ski.

It's an amazing ski. I have heard reviews say that it's for advanced/expert skiers. It's for experts, IMHO. I think it could be a frustrating purchase for some skiers who are good but like sliding too. This ski lays down an edge and likes pressure.
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