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Foot & Ankle Exercise

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Back when I was a kid, I used to suffer from frequent ankle sprains. Of course, they always happened on the same ankle: Once you sprain it, you lose proprioception, which in turn makes you more susceptible to spraining it again.

Back then, nobody talked about ankle strengthening or proprioceptive exercises. I wish that they had! This video has some pretty good ankle strengtheners. Some of the exercises require a theraband, but they are pretty easy to find.

Ankle Exercises
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Hey, Liser, you got some of them thar colorful toesocks? I think they's neat.
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Awesome, I've got pretty weak ankles as I've sprained them repeatedly. This will hopefully help a lot.

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In 1997 I had a procedure called a "Brostrum Repair" to fix the mess my ankle had become. My first sprain was when I was 10 years old and this went on for 25 years until this procedure was recommended to me.

It's been a godsend. I have not had a single sprain since, although I have broken it twice since then. Once in a ski boot and the other time trail running which I admit to have had no business doing.

Yesterday I was hiking and gave it a little tweak on some rocks. Before the surgery that would have been enough for me to have been carried down the rest of the way. I again thanked Dr. Wilson (Brigham & Women's in Boston) and went about my merry way.

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ankle/foot exercises

very boring.
so i do mine on the chairlift...thousands of ankle flexions to get those anterior tibs strong to get me out of the backseat.

also, whenever i have to stand in line, i do it on one foot. helps balance. also means you can tolerate the post office.
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LM, can you explain the differences between the heel training and the calf stretch in that video?
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