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What ski's should I get?

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I am 24 years old, 155lbs, and 6.0ft tall. I would say my skill level is intermediate. I don't have any problems with any runs you would find at a ski resort, but I'm not an expert.

80% of the time I will be skiing on-piste, and 20% off-piste. I won't be hitting any pipes, but I may go off the occasional jump.

I will be skiing mostly at the Snowbird ski resort in Utah. It gets a fair amount of snow, and I plan on going during the week and on the weekends, so I'll be hitting both powder and tracked slopes.

Someone point me to some ski's that would fit my needs, it will be much appreciated
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I would look into a pair of Blizzard G-force all mountain skis. This is a great all mountain ski;light weight, which will give you great versatility on the mountain. These skis are much more affordable than the K2's and Volkl competiting models. Blizzards are made in Austria so you know they're quality.
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Thanks for the reply. I see there are several Blizzard G-force models, G1, G3, Sonic, and Supersonic. Prices range from 500-1000 respectively.

Is there a big difference between the different models? I'm willing to spend money if it is justified. I am also fine with settling in the middle of the road.
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176 cm Fischer Watea 84 is another you could consider
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Some Heads to consider:
Monster 88 - if you like big and fast turns this is a good choice. Wide enough to get you through most powder and chop no problem, but built like a race ski so it's still fun on the groomers.
Monster 82 - similar to the 88, but narrower and a little tighter turning if you prefer shorter turns.
Mojo 90 - this has been discontinued in favour of the Mojo 94 for the upcoming season, but there are plenty around. It's a twin tip that should serve you very well in powder, crud, and it's very manoeuvrable if you like taking it into the trees and bumps. Twin tip is also a plus if you're looking to do a little more park stuff. Not as good on hardpack, but that may not be a big issue for you at Snowbird.

A few other suggestions to look at:
Volkl Mantra
Nordia Hellcat
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Thanks a bunch. I am well on my way to finding some ski's for the winter. I'll have to compare them all to each other.

My father just went out on a whim and purchased some 07/08 Salomon x-wing fury's. I'm quite different than him when it comes to money. I have to review all my options before I put any money down on the table. At least I know I'll end up with a decent pair of ski's and not end up with something I didn't want

I'll keep my mind open for other suggestions while I'm researching the ski's that have been recommended. I'm looking to purchase this upcoming week though.
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