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demo days

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So a few friends and I are headed to Snowshoe this weekend for their demo days weekend, but none of us going have demoed before. To ask a very naive question, how do demos work (not the skis, but rather the procedure)? My assumption is that you bring your skis to the demo station, leave them there as you take demo skis out, ski the demo skis for a set period of time / # of runs, exchange and repeat, turn in the demos and get your skis back, grab a drink and head to the hot tub. Any help on my simple question would be appreciated so I can pass the info on to my group - thanks.
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My one time experiance was pretty much like the rental process. Fill out the personal info for weight, skill level and credit card then swap skis and go play. Trade and play some more.
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Hey Aschir01,

I would recommend leaving your skis in the car or locking them up at the Shavers Center.

The demo guys aren't going to be responsible for your skis when your out demoing and probably won't let you leave your pair in their tent.

All the demos were located right off of Skidder last year and I would assume that they'll be there again this year. I would just plan on skiing on the demos all day since that's what you're there for.

You'll only get to take about three runs with each pair so it can be a bit of a pain to keep going back and returning them but it's still fun.

I may be up there too. I'll let you know for sure if I go. I propbably won't go unless Cupp Run is open.

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Bring a drivers license and a credit card to secure the skis.
A pen to fill out the forms and sign the release won't hurt either.
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SeanyMac, from what I've read, Snowshoe is doing all they can to get Cupp open for this weekend. The majority of offseason improvements in snowmaking went to putting 6 new snowguns on Cupp. While early this week will be too warm to make snow, Wed night - Sat will be cold enough to make snow with the added bonus of natural snow on Thurs and Fri. Anyhow, thanks for the advice all and I'll let you know about the weekend and the demos when I get back [img]smile.gif[/img]
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